Auschwitz Emu


Can anyone explain to me what a secular Jew is? Or, even worse, a Christian Jew? If a person is no longer believing in the religion of Judaism, how on earth are they still Jews?

Is it because their family believed in Judaism? If yes, am I then a Catholic Protestant?

The notion is absurd!

Or is it because they consider themselves part of the Jewish race?

But if that is the case, how can Jews come from many different ethnic groups?

Is it because of culture? But if yes, what about all the Jews who haven’t participated in Jewish cultural activities and don’t even particularly like traditional Jewish food? How are they still Jewish?

Whatever way you spin it, for the vast majority of people who call themselves Jews today there is absolutely nothing other than the self identifying label they give themselves to support their assertion.

They are bigger frauds than white aboriginals or transgender “women”.

Being Jewish is nothing more than a status symbol of victimhood that makes white skinned people living in Western Nations feel special. A way to separate themselves from other white skinned people and feel superior and justify exploiting them.

I could quite easily call myself Jewish tomorrow, make up a lie that my grandparents died in Auschwitz and go into any synagogue and not a single Jew in there would be able to tell that I wasn’t simply by looking at me or talking to me. It surprises me that Bruce Pascoe hasn’t done it already. I think Auschwitz Emu would have sold more books than Dark Emu ever did.

The Australian Auschwitz Emu cries out in pain as it murders you.

Currently the word going around is that Elon Musk is converting to Judaism. In the 1950’s black entertainer Sammy Davis Jnr converted to Judaism. 1000 years ago an entire Nation in the region of what is today southern Ukraine converted to Judaism. 2100 years ago all of Idumea became “Jews”. In the book of Esther it is written that many in the Persian empire did too.

So I simply do not understand or accept any definition of Jew other than those who adhere to the religion of Judaism. The religion that since the fall of the Temple in 70AD has been based around denial of Christ and claimed oral teachings of Rabbis passed down orally since Moses until 400AD when they were finally written as the Talmud.

Take away belief in the Talmud and just what have the Jews got in common? They don’t even have the fake holocaust. Or should we expect the descendants of Sammy Davis Jnr to be releasing the black version of Anne Frank’s diary next?

So if you’re a Jew, be a Jew. Go to the synagogue, put on your black round cap, eat hummus and respect Hanukkah. Whether you’re descended from Sammy Davis Jnr, a barbaric pagan tribe in ancient Ukraine or a Pharisee from Idumea installed into the Temple at Jerusalem by King Herod the baby killer, as long as you’re practicing modern Judaism, then it’s fine to still call yourself a Jew.

But if you’ve converted to Christianity, why? Just what part of you is still Jewish? If you’re an atheist, why? Atheism is what the powerful Jews want for the Goyim. So why are you one and still a Jew?

All that is left is the status of being a persecuted minority. But who believes that Jews are persecuted anymore? At least the living standards of most Aboriginals still sucks. At least black Americans still find themselves in prison more than anyone else. What self inflicted fake grievance have you got other than moustache man who died nearly 80 years ago? You’re not in a labour camp. You haven’t got a number tattooed on your arm. You live in a nice house and have a well paid job or thriving business or, at worst, unemployment benefit.

You are not a Jew. You are an Australian if you were born in Australia. At best you can say you are a German Australian or a Polish Australian if your ancestors emigrated from there. But there is no such thing as ethnically Jewish, which means you are not a Jew anymore. Just like Fred isn’t a Christian, Gupta isn’t a Hindu, Ali isn’t a Muslim and Mandela isn’t a Cannibal.

The difference is that Gupta, Ali and Mandela have a much harder time passing themselves off as White Australians. Ok, some of you have hooked noses, but just shave off the scraggly beard and stop rubbing your hands together and I’m sure you’ll be fine. No one’s going to check to see if you have a foreskin or not. Just vote One Nation, oppose immigration, buy a Ute, drink VB and you’ll be a dinky die, true blue Aussie in no time.

Ah wait!

Now I understand!

How silly of me.

You support Dan Andrews!

Ok. You’re still a Jew!

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.