Get Woke Go Broke: Cheer Cheese Loses Millions, Closes Factory, Sacks Workers


Cheer Cheese used to be called Coon, named after its founder, Edward William Coon. “Coon” is slang for abo, so for years cultural marxist activists pressured Coon to change its name.

In 2020 Coon caved and changed its name to Cheer. And then for no reason at all, people stopped buying their products:

The Canadian dairy behind Cheers cheese will close one of its Australian factories and sack up to 75 workers after major financial losses and milk supply issues.

Saputo has announced it will close its Maffra factory in the Gippsland region of Victoria, less than a decade after it bought back the brand in 2015.

The company will also reduce the capacity of its bulk powders production facility in Leongatha, southeast of Melbourne and the cheese packaging facility at Mil-Lel in South Australia.

Saputo international president and chief operating officer Leanne Cutts said it was a “very difficult decision”.

“Today’s announcement continues our journey towards long-term success for our business in Australia by increasing our efficiency and productivity, and making our business more competitive,” Ms Cutts said.

I love how companies employ people – Ms “Cutts” – to frame a financial disaster due to the outright self sabotage of their own business as “success”.

Saputo Australia reported a $54.4m annual loss for the 12 months to March 31 – a stark difference to the $30.6m net profit in 2021.


That is an $86 million drop in revenue as a result of giving in to extremists. In one solitary year they have gone from being a profitable company to sacking workers.

Speaking personally, I have not bought Coon cheese since they changed their name. If anything I have been eating more cheese, but I refuse to buy “Cheer”. Quite clearly, millions of other Aussies have made the same decision.

There is absolutely no other way to frame this story other than the axiom:

Get woke, go broke.

It is yet another chapter in Australian politically correct failures. In the mid 2010’s hundreds of thousands of Australians booed Adam Goodes because he was an anti-Australian wanker and a bully. When Australia’s elites made not one but two documentaries about the saga complaining that Aussies are racist, they were commercial failures as nobody went to see them.

Australians are sick of having aboriginal identity politics force fed down our throats and we vote with our feet. The psychopaths pushing this nonsense don’t care though. They will keep force feeding us no matter what.

The documentary flops were funny as they only hurt people in Australia’s arts industry. The Cheer failure is not funny at all because at the end of the day it only hurts ordinary Australians in the bush.

This demonstrates why it is important to fight tooth and nail in the Culture Wars, because virtue signalling has real world consequences. In attempting to appease a generously funded, well connected tiny fraction of a fraction of Australia’s population, a company insulted millions of loyal customers so badly that they all made the decision to never buy their product again. Now hundreds of families in the bush are trying to figure out how to get by.

To be more specific, the Culture War is a Race War. Antiwhites are currently attacking every remnant of Western civilisation, every reminder that our nation that was built by White men, no matter how trivial or illogical their complaint. Its purpose is to demoralise us, to sap our will to resist and our willingness to identify as Anglos, as Real Australians, as who we are.

Furthermore, the goal is to remove any reminder that we ever existed, so that when the last of us has been removed or replaced either through mass immigration, miscegenation or what I predict will become more frequent and extreme outbursts of racially motivated violence against White people, they will be able to deny that a genocide ever took place. They will deny that we ever existed.

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