Covid Tyrant Brad Hazzard TRIGGERED when called a Tyrant


Former NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has recently run away from politics crying and sooking like a baby.

He is now desperately trying to make people feel sorry for him so that he can avoid responsibility for his crimes against humanity committed during the 2020-21 period of Covid Tyranny:

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard fought back tears when speaking of his decision to retire from politics following the death of his younger brother.

Mr Hazzard on Monday night revealed he wouldn’t be contesting another four-year term at the next state election.

He’d spent 32 years in politics including more than a decade on the cabinet front bench and was the member for Wakehurst on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Mr Hazzard, 71, is best known for fronting press conferences on a daily basis to update NSW on the Covid crisis alongside then-Premier Gladys Berejiklian and chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant.

‘The last three years have been pretty horrible for everybody,’ he told 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Tuesday morning.

You don’t say.

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After inflicting personal tragedy en masse, the blighter actually expects us to care about his feelings:

A personal situation occurred earlier this year with my younger brother dying, and I just thought ”you know what? Got to start thinking about life”.’

The health minister became teary when discussing the death of his brother, before adding he had lived a ‘blessed life’.

But being the face of the Covid pandemic meant Mr Hazzard became a target for many who disagreed with health restrictions, with the health minister admitting he received death threats.

He also said he’d been put under police protection for a ‘lengthy period of time’.

‘I had to have police around me all the time whenever I left the house, and had security at my house for a long, long while, so it was not very pleasant,’ he said.

The threats escalated to the point where somebody wrote the word “tyrant” on his front lawn:


Like Captain Crazy Eyes from the Northern Territory, it is entirely reasonable for ordinary people to be outraged that a public official can commit such heinous crimes and still be walking around in decent society as a free man.

A recent public inquiry has concluded that the Covid lockdowns were completely unnecessary. Everybody knows that our governments implemented Covid lockdowns and enforced vaccine mandates at the behest of international institutions such as the World Bank and World Economic Forum, and multinational pharmaceutical companies who were leveraging undue influence over Australian politicians.

The consequence is that deaths in Australia in 2022 are 16-17% above the norm, confirmed by data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“Vaccine” manufacturers have admitted they lacked proof that the vaccines stopped transmission of Covid before they were mandated.

They initially lied, claiming that the vaccines were 100% effective, and now they are trying to cover up this lie.

Given the evidence of increased death rates and reduced birth rates worldwide continues to mount, it is perfectly reasonable to accuse public officials globally of forcing the public to inject poison against their will.

This is criminality on a mass scale. There must be an inquiry to determine any links between the Covid “vaccines” and excess deaths, followed by showtrials and public punishments. Brad Hazzard can cry crocodile tears all he likes, it won’t save him.

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