Idiot AnAl hangs aboriginal flag upside down


If you’re going to virtue signal, at least do it right.

Anthony Albanese’s jobs summit has been marred by an embarrassing faux pas when the Aboriginal flag was hung upside down for half the first day.

The Indigenous flag was displayed alongside the Australian and Torres Strait Islander insignias at the meeting on Thursday at the meeting of 140 government and business leaders.

Despite being in the background as the prime minister addressed the summit, the issue was not rectified and continued to hang wrongly for hours.

“Wrongly”? That is very ugly language. “Incorrectly” is much better English. Wonder how long that one will stay up.

The black half of the flag, which represents the Aboriginal people, is supposed to be at the top when it is flown, and instead the red half was hung at the top.

The flag remained upside down until delegates left for the lunch break, and was corrected by the time they returned.

Prominent Aboriginal leaders were shocked the summit’s organisers could commit such a basic error, and that none of the high-powered attendees appeared to notice.

Coalition Senator Jacinta Price said it was ironic that the government went out of its way to show symbolic respect for Indigenous Australians, yet got it so badly wrong.

‘With all the virtuous expression of respect for Aboriginal Australians… and all the carry on with strategically placing the flag prominently to express this deep virtue you’d think that this Albanese Government could actually hang it the right way up?’ she said.

‘Especially at such a significant and groundbreaking event such as the job summit.’

Aboriginal business leader and former Labor Party president Warren Mundine was equally shocked when he saw the upside-down flag on TV.

‘’How ignorant and pathetic is it that our national flag is treated this way… put it up properly!’ he said.

Obviously, nobody cares, not even aborigines.

At one stage a group of attendees including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar took a selfie in front of the flags, appearing not to notice the glaring error.

Local Aboriginal custodian Paul House performed a Welcome to Country in front of the flag and also appeared not to notice, or at least point out, the mistake.

While hanging the fake aboriginal flag upside down is hilarious given that the virtue signalling since AnAl became PM has gone through the roof, it was an accident. What was deliberate was the placement of the flags. Let’s look at that photo again.

Why is the Australian flag not in the centre, flanked by the other two flags. By all rights, the Australian flag should be the only flag on the podium, but the least they could do is put the Australian flag at the centre, flanked by the other two.

This is a deliberate insult.

A big fuss was made when Greens leader Adam Bandt held a press conference minus the Australian flag, because one of his staffers made a point of removing it moments before the press conference started. AnAl has notably continued to speak publicly without the Australian flag in view but without the media furore.

This storm in a teacup over a flag that isn’t even real is smoke and mirrors, normalising respect for the aboriginal “flag” while lowering the rank of the real Australian flag.

The NSW and Victorian governments recently replaced their state flags with aboriginal flags on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Westgate Bridge respectively. Similarly, a fake furore was whipped up – the cost of renovations on the Sydney Harbour Bridge – as cover for the main agenda, demoting the Australian flag.

This reflects the relegation of White Australians to minority status as evidenced by last year’s census, and the fact that not a single elected politician in the land will represent Anglo Australians.

Simultaneously, the establishment is attempting to invent momentum for the elevation via referendum of aborigines, their so-called “first” “nations” to be first, revered above all other ethnicities currently residing in Australia.

The cultural left understand that they have a window of opportunity to radicalise Australian politics far beyond anything they have achieved in the past. In their sights for the purge are the Australian flag, Australia Day, the National Anthem, Anzac Day, the Australian Constitution and ultimately the Australian people.

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