Normalising the Collapse


From Patriotic Alternative.

Technocracy Watch

A recent headline caught my attention and got me thinking. Quoting Belgium’s PM, Alexander De Croo, Business Insider stated that Europe could be facing “5 to 10 difficult winters” as a result of the war in Ukraine and soaring energy prices. It got me pondering about the Great Reset and how it seems that dysfunction and deprivation is now being normalised across the board, as we await the latest manufactured calamity to be imposed upon us by our overlords.

Managed decline

Take the NHS, for example, and the shocking care (if you can call it that) that it provides, with waiting lists stretching for years (exacerbated by the lockdowns). It’s essentially now a third world health service, and this has now become almost normalised in a developed, supposedly first world nation. But this is true across the board. Whether it be soaring energy bills, food prices, house prices, and shrinking living space, it is clear that future generations will be significantly worse off than their predecessors. Or the recent hose-pipe ban, introduced apparently because of the summer heatwave and subsequent drought, but really as a result of shoddy infrastructure and huge pipe leakage, while companies like Thames Water grant their bosses record bonuses.

But it also became apparent that this is all coordinated. It’s not an accident that, after building up a dependence on Russian fossil fuels and shuttering their domestic energy industries, European leaders suddenly decide to cut off the hand that feeds them, all over a territorial war that has nothing to do with us. It’s not a coincidence that, as we are apparently facing a global food crisis, the UK government is paying farmers lump sums to retire, and the Dutch government is pressing ahead with plans to decimate their farming industry in the name of “reducing nitrogen emissions”, conveniently coinciding with relentless anti-meat propaganda from rags like the Guardian.

Just as it wasn’t coincidental that while millions of small businesses went under during the lockdowns, the likes of Jeff Bezos saw his wealth rise by an estimated $70 billion, as Amazon monopolised the retail industry off the back of the decimation of the high street.

Or that, as millions are set to freeze this winter thanks to the “cost of living” (cost of lockdowns) crisis, our government is pouring billions into aid towards propping up the corrupt Zelensky regime in Ukraine. The same government that was able to afford to pay millions in taxpayer’s money into protecting the identities of the murderers of James Bulger, and spend billions on vanity projects like HS2, apparently can’t do anything to ease the brutal gas bills that approximately 45 million British people will face this winter.

But should we be surprised? The warmongers in Washington and London always have enough money for their foreign wars, spending trillions toppling governments at the behest of Israel, (see; A Clean Break) the military industrial complex and wanton capitalist corporations like Halliburton.

All while energy companies rake in record profits off of the misery of millions. A government that cared about our people would nationalise the lot of them to ensure they were operated for the benefit of the people, not the greedy bosses who sit atop them. Instead, all they can do is give us a pathetic £400 payment, akin to a bandage on a gaping wound.

Destroying private ownership

It’s also no coincidence that petrol and diesel prices are at record highs coincides with our government bringing in a law banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, while openly stating that they want to do away with the concept of private car ownership altogether, all justified by the climate con. And electric cars won’t be safe either, as they are already planning to limit charging hours due to the pressure on the National Grid, while the Trotskyite Climate Change Committee wants to fit all EVs with trackers so that they can be taxed by the mile, and Marxists like Mark Drakeford introduces a blanket 20mph speed limit in built up areas in Wales.

20mph zones cropping up all over the country.

This is all part of a deliberate plot to restrict car ownership to the very wealthy, while ordinary people will be priced out of using their ICE powered car through schemes like ULEZ, unable to afford an EV (the average price of an EV in the UK is around £44,000), and thus forced to either rideshare or use public transport. Similar to what they’ve already done with the property market, with house prices so high that even people on decent incomes are struggling to buy, and most are destined to a lifetime of renting, slaves to corporations like BlackRock and Vanguard. What was that WEF slogan again? “You will own nothing and be happy”.

The truth of the Great Reset

What the Great Reset clearly is, is a managed collapse of the West. You see, all of the things that are being systematically dismantled, are markers of a high-trust, high-IQ, industrious society. Things like manufacturing, transport, healthcare and the livestock industry. Sectors that cannot be maintained as Whites become a minority. This is a key component of the Great Reset that many CivNat minded “Truthers” fail to point out.

Knowing this, our ruling class is setting about a controlled demolition of these aspects of our society, one where they can dictate the outcome. If it was left to collapse of its own accord in 40-50 years’ time, the resultant chaos and outcome would be very difficult for the Global Puppeteers to dictate.

Whereas, by pre-emptively dismantling our developed society now, they can ensure that, as our demographics shift, our society is already reduced to a simpler, less complex and more easily manageable state, one where there is nothing left to collapse, and the anti-human visions of people like Yuval Noah Harari can be easily implemented. You don’t have to worry about advanced systems like mass battery farming and coal power stations falling apart if they have already been dissolved in the name of reducing Carbon emissions.

The Global Puppeteers aren’t stupid, however. They know very well that, as people’s standard of living declines, levels of discontent and anger will grow. That’s why they spent the last 2 years carrying out the global behavioural psychology experiment know as the “COVID pandemic”, to gauge the public’s reaction, to stress test their levels of obedience to a clearly deceitful and lying mass media machine, and also, to see how effective their various manipulative “nudge tactics” would be at corralling the masses into complying with an ever increasing number of bizarre and nonsensical rituals, while shaming those who didn’t toe the line.

The Global Puppeteers also know they need a cloak. Hence the rise of the World Economic Forum and its cartoonishly bad optics, with Klaus Schwab being such a caricature of a Bond villain, that Ian Fleming must be turning in his grave. Small challenge: Google any political leader or influential politician, and add “WEF” on the end, and I guarantee you they will be listed as an “Agenda Contributor”.

The puppets they dangle in front of us are such glaring hypocrites, I honestly do wonder if it is all a giant mickey take, having us all being lectured on saving the planet by the numerous preachy “jet set environmentalists” like Leonardo DiCaprio, Pope Francis, Prince Charles, or Bill Gates, who owns four private jets, a massive lakeside mansion built using half a million 500 year old trees, and multiple luxury cars, including a Porsche that he literally lobbied to have US import law changed in order to ship in from Europe. It’s beggars’ belief that anyone would listen to such blatant crooks and charlatans.

Gulfstream jet worth $70M is one of Bill Gates’ private fleet.

The WEF may be the face and PR campaigners of the Great Reset, but they certainly aren’t its sole architects. That honour belongs to people who we never see, people who operate in the shadows, pulling the strings, printing the money. Yet these Global Puppeteers clearly want the WEF to take all of the credit. This is no mistake, as the Global Puppeteers are hoping that, if there is some kind of mass revolt against this de-developing-of-the-West plot, the Davos network will be the fall guys.

Hence, the choreographed puppet leaders like Joe Biden, Liz Truss, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Sanna Marin and Mark Rutte, who all dance from the same strings, use the same statements, roll out almost identical policies, and all act to further the agenda of dismantling the old West and replacing it with a new, neo-Feudal technocratic hellscape. But as this agenda advances apace, their legitimacy fades day-by-day as more and more people see through their lies and teleprompter-written platitudes to witness the true nature of this sham system and the dark forces that direct it from the shadows.

In the meantime, it looks like we’ve got some very dark days ahead. This winter could break many people, and it is highly likely we will see some form of civil unrest, although I am doubtful of any meaningful levels of defiance after seeing the huge levels of compliance from the public during the scamdemic, and I am suspicious of the sudden astroturfing of Don’t Pay UK. So, make sure you stock up on essential goods like canned foods, have plenty of layers at the ready, and don’t believe a word that comes from the chattering puppets on the TV, in their news studios and press conference rooms.