Food For Thought – Deborah’s Democracy Davening To Despots

Lipstadt locked and loaded. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Deborah Lipstadt, the ghoulishly ugly United States Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism (who is an outspoken promoter of the Holocaust fraud), has come out making an appeal to despotic destinations around the world to join the democracy train.

From The New Yorker

I came across a quote of yours where you said that anti-Semitism is a “threat to democracy and global security. It’s a threat to the stability of society.” You also said that “it rarely stands alone as a hatred.”

That’s exactly right. I stand by what I said.

But this gets to what we were talking about earlier in terms of dealing with other countries.

To go back to the Abraham Accords, I think they opened the space for the sorts of conversations that we never thought possible. Sometimes people say that anti-Semitism starts with the Jews but doesn’t end with the Jews. Maybe the conversation starts about anti-Semitism, but it won’t stop there. It’ll go to other areas as well. It’s a beginning. If it can move the conversation along and change attitudes, then I’m there and I’m willing to take part in it.

Anytime someone like Lipstadt invokes “democracy” as the greatest system of government ever devised I am quick to counter the declaration with a quote by Hans-Hermann Hoppe that states:

“Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else.”

Given the way kosher certified democracy works in swaying the solutions of a society it would seem the conceptual understanding required to be suppressed under such a system ultimately results in a form of spiritual death (so to speak).

As I outlined on page 12 of Rather Radical and Vril Vibrations:

“The demons of criticism, suspicion, feelings of impotence and loss of control are no match for those in tune with the spiritual. Whilst the system acquires its five eyes clairvoyance and telepathy from the likes of leaked diaries, dossiers, and social media feeds, its impulse to mock-up threat, security, enemy, emergency action, force and violence reveals how spiritually dead they are.”

Food For Thought.

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