A Ryan Rant – Episode 149 – Alien Intelligence Asset Be America’s Antisemitism Czar


Deborah Lipstadt, the new chief antisemitism Czar of America, is not only one ugly looking yenta but also fluent in arrogance to such a degree that she can barely conceal her seething hatred for the goyim whom her tribesmen consider “genetically predisposed to being antisemites”.

Lipstadt, who sees antisemitism everywhere, can even ascribe the more subtle of memetic microaggressions to her mounting treif enemies, even though said microagressions are a result of her own tribes’ inbred schizophrenic gematria.

As Lipstadt isn’t the greatest at answering tough questions, nor is she a fan of inconvenient Yiddish yarns being made a mockery of, she taps the same Remphan repugnancy as the likes of kippah wearing Ben Shapiro, which in turn illustrates the fact that her White enemy has been responsible for most of the world’s advancement.

With Lipstadt keen to have more Noahides come to prostrate themselves before the kosher certified volcano demon, what is more likely to occur under her term as Czar is a sizeable increase in distrust and detest of those whom she claims to represent.

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