AnAl roped in Shaq because he’s black


A few days ago Prime Minister AnAl wheeled out some cast members from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings’ hack job to flog plans to create a third chamber of parliament.

A dwarf, a giant and an orc.

I love it when stupid, powerful people have cringe moments. They are supposed to surround themselves with slightly less stupid people whose job it is to prevent cringe moments.

You had one job guys, one job:

Greens senator Lidia Thorpe has joined the chorus of senior parliamentary figures criticising Anthony Albanese’s polarising press conference with Shaquille O‘Neal over the weekend.

The towering 216cm NBA legend briefly joined the Prime Minister and Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney on Saturday to talk about the referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Mr Albanese said O’Neal had requested a meeting while in Sydney to learn about the issue.

But the fallout from the press conference has been mixed, with many questioning the four-time NBA champion’s relevance to the debate and the reason for the media call after the star did not verbally lend his support.

Ms Thorpe hit out strongly against O’Neal’s appearance, calling it an “insult” to Indigenous Australians and the entire country.

“He’s putting his nose into business that has nothing to do with him,” she told 3AW on Monday.

“He does not understand what is going on in this country … he should not be commenting.

“It’s an insult to blackfellas in this country, let alone the rest of the country.”

She said given that many Australians did not know much about an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, an American celebrity should not be commenting on the issue.

“He’s come in commenting on our politics in our own country, which he knows nothing about except for a meeting with the Labor Party,” Ms Thorpe said.

“We don’t know what this (an Indigenous Voice to Parliament) looks like, we don’t know what this means and people don’t understand that.

“How dare Shaq come over here and comment on something that our own people in this country don’t understand.”

XYZ News understands that when off camera, Lidia told reporters that “It’s okay to shoehorn the salute of a black American terrorist organisation into the Australian parliament while wearing an expensive outfit when I do it”.

She was not the only major parliamentary figure to slam the press conference after senior Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce questioned how the move could inspire anything but “cynicism” in Australians.

“Are you selling McDonald’s [sic] or changing the Constitution,” the former deputy prime minister told Sunrise on Monday.

“Why have you got an American basketball star standing at the podium about 10 feet taller than Anthony Albanese – what’s this about?

“Why are we having a multi-millionaire American basketball star over here to talk about how we run our Constitution … how could (Labor) possibly think that would do anything but inspire cynicism?

“I saw it as he is their Prince Philip moment.”

We all know what Barnaby wanted to say. “McDonalds”, “basketball star”, “10 feet taller”, “multi-millionaire” and “Prince Phillip” are the new “youths”, “teens” and “jogger”.

Surprisingly, Labor called a spade a spade:

But Labor minister Tanya Plibersek defended the government’s move, citing O’Neal’s importance as a “strong voice” for the black lives matter movement in the US.

“It’s a sign the referendum for a constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander is something that is important for Australians and something the world will be observing as well,” she said.

They used the word “black”. So did Jacinta Price:

Country Liberals senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price called the Prime Minister’s “PR stunt” “clueless and out of touch”.

“If the PM and the Minister for Indigenous Australians think Shaq’s experience with “lifting people up who are marginalised” is the answer to winning votes for the Voice then it demonstrates just how clueless and out of touch they both are with what the needs of Aboriginal Australians are,” she wrote on Sunday.

“I’ve no doubt Shaq’s a top bloke, but it’s a bit insulting to call on a black American to help with black Australians as if this is all about the colour of one’s skin.”

Of course this is about the colour of one’s skin. Skin colour is simply the most visually obvious indication that there is a genetic difference between black people and White people. The differences go right to the bone, literally, and are reinforced by genetic and IQ differences which are the source of the gulf in history, culture and worldview which separates White people from black people.

Ideally we should live apart from one another so we can honour and preserve these differences and deal with each other respectfully as one people to another. Instead we have been thrust together, and Liberal norms prevent us from discussing the obvious differences between the races, while universally condemning White people for any imbalance in “outcomes” between the races.

Roping in the black Shaq to flog the so-called “voice to parliament” was absolutely, 100% to do with race, just like the so-called “voice to parliament” itself is absolutely, 100% to do with race.

Black poverty is being used as a pretext to elevate aboriginal people above the rest of the country in Australia’s Constitution, in order to extend the political marginalisation of native Anglo Australians with the ultimate goal of breeding us out of existence.

Not a single elected politician in the land explicitly represents White Australians. Ironically it is we who now require a Voice to the Parliament which was originally founded to represent us.

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