Pauline Hanson Defies “Welcome To Country” & Leaves Chamber


You cannot open a jar of Vegemite in Australia without having to burn some gum leaves. Pauline Hanson’s defiance of the so-called “welcome to country” at the opening of parliament yesterday, and to then leave the chamber, should be warmly applauded:

Well done Pauline.

This should set the baseline for the minimum response by a native Anglo Australian to the openly hostile “welcome to country” ceremony imposed by our Cultural Marxist occupiers. She released a short video explaining her action, reinforced by a statement on the floor of the Senate:

Note that unlike YouTube videos posted by mainstream Lying Press outlets on subjects of this nature, the comments section has been left open and respondents are overwhelmingly in favour of what Pauline had to say.

This is significant given that her main point is that Australians were never consulted over the creation of the aboriginal flag, nor its introduction into the chambers of parliament.

Hanson has been active on social media, rightly slapping down the hypocrisy of the slightly aboriginal Lidia Thorpe.

Her activism is vital when we consider the attitude of the SJW’s pushing the destruction of our culture:

“Inclusion is a process, and not something that will go away with a few tokenistic gestures and ticking a couple of boxes.”

The context of these words is the attempt to force Manly rugby players to wear a groomer jumper for this weekend’s match, but this approach applies equally to aboriginal identity politics as it does to homosexual identity politics. Cultural Marxists are fanatical in advancing their agenda regardless of opposition. It is a war of attrition and they know that the moment opposition to them softens they will win the battle.

Pauline is correct to call out the undemocratic way in which aboriginal identity politics is being used to divide Australians against each other, however it is important to distinguish two flaws in her argument so we can better oppose the far left in the Culture War.

She argues that identity politics won’t do anything to “close the gap” and is divisive. While true, the main point is that the so-called “welcome to country” and the false aboriginal flags are essentially a black magic ceremony and a totem respectively, designed to demoralise White Australians and cement the occupation of Australia by a foreign foe.

Ceremonies and flags denote ownership. As XYZ News has reported, the replacement of state flags atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Westgate Bridge elevates aboriginals to equal ownership of NSW and Victoria alongside native born Anglo Australians.

Following the Lord’s Prayer with the black magic “welcome to country” ceremony at the opening of parliament indicates that Australia is no longer one people under God, but many nations under moloch.

In short time both the Australian flag and the Lord’s Prayer will be done away with. However, the desire to reclaim Australia by some aboriginals is being exploited in order to transfer ownership of this land to globalist institutions, with the end goal of ceding Australia to a satanic One World Government.

This leads into Pauline’s argument (toward the end of the YouTube video) that all migrants to this country should be welcomed. This is a civic nationalist argument, asserting that anybody can be an Australian as long as they “respect our values”. It is multiculturalism and White Genocide draped in the Australian flag, and appears to be at odds with what Pauline Hanson originally stood for. She was right to warn in the 90’s that we were in danger of being swamped by Asians. Now that we are well and truly swamped, Hanson has retreated to defend a softer position. As noted earlier, whenever opposition softens, the far left advances.

Australians are Anglo, Saxon and Celtic descendants of the British settlers who founded Australia. We oppose mass immigration and multiculturalism because it is a tool of war against our people, as are the aboriginal “flag” and the “welcome to country” ceremony. A war of extermination is being waged against us and we must oppose it with every ounce of our being.

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