But We’re Equal Are We?

Pauline Hanson in the House of Representatives this week, sitting while other MP’s stand virtue signal during the maiden speech of an aboriginal MP.

My ancestors built the world, deposing the might of Rome.
They built waterwheels and cathedrals, bound by familial tribal tome.
While yours could throw a stick…

My ancestors mastered the arts and science, all to the glory of God.
They shone though the Reformation, the Renaissance, disciplined by homogeneous rod.
Yours licked witchetty grubs…

My ancestors built a world of medicine and technology guided by ingenious keel.
They built it for their own, our people, not for you savages to appropriate and steal.
Yours can polish a light globe but they could never invent it…

My ancestors are in interstellar space, a Voyager hurtling so fast.
Yours can barely come to grips with a time six millennia past.
But we have to acknowledge you?

You who have contributed nothing, but for imagined atrocity still expect us to pay.
So you can spout your garbage but be comfortably supported by the superior White way.
But we’re equal are we?

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