Ghostly Whispers


Sometimes as I grow much older,

A distant memory

Taps me on the shoulder.

But when I turn to see, to delight in its fare,

I look at emptiness,

The ghost of nothing there...


It could have been Bon just having a lark,

Out as a whisper,

Then back to his grave, dark.

Maybe it was the Fonz, bringing back Happy Days?

But I can’t see them,

No matter how far I gaze.


Maybe I heard Kermit’s kroak whispering in my ear,

Don’t  forget about me,

The Rainbow Connection is just over here.

But when I turn my head to stare

All is thin space,

I look at nothing, just empty air.


Maybe it was the Two Ronnies and perhaps Benny Hill

Who once made me roar,

Till my funny bone had its fill,

Walking as phantoms forgotten by time

Oblivious to the fact

That their humour is now a crime.


I want to go back, I want to re-see

The vision of decades

When society was free

To Monaro, GTHO and Peppermint Twist

With colours so divine.

Please add bellbottoms to the list:


And come back again, just one more time…