West Gate Bridge to permanently fly aboriginal flag

Westgate Bridge, Melbourne.

XYZ News understands that after announcing a $25 million plan to put one aboriginal flag on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet sent an email to Daniel Andrews saying “virtue signal me harder daddy”.

From TripleM:

In a move supported by both major parties, Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed discussions are underway to install the First Nations flag on the West Gate Bridge, according to the Herald Sun.

At some point in the last couple of years a memo went around informing everybody in the Lying Press to refer to aborigines as “first nations people”. Doubtless this term will be considered offensive in several years’ time when a new term is invented.

“I understand there’s been quite a bit of work done,” the Premier said. “VicRoads and others are well engaged in a process to do exactly that”.

“I think that’s something that’s been worked on for a while now, which will be terrific.”

Recognised as the flag of Aboriginal peoples of Australia, opposition leader Matthew Guy said, “It’s one of Australia’s national flags”.

“I always support our national institutions — the Aboriginal flag is one of national institutions — so I support it being flown and I respect it.”

No surprises there from the “Eastern European” Matthew Guy. Australia is for all intents and purposes a One Party State. The four major parties are all aboard with globohomo and multiculturalism is the legislated law of the land.

This “bipartisanship”, ie collusion, should be seen in the context of Perrottet’s collusion with Andrews during lockdowns to coordinate their policies, and the public play fights between former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews regarding lockdowns, when they were always in lockstep on Covid Tyranny policy.

Best of friends.

It comes as the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria address the state parliament, ahead of the Treaty Authority bill debate in parliament’s lower house on Wednesday.

The bill allows for the establishment of an authority with the legal powers necessary to negotiate between the government and traditional owners deliberating through treaty negotiations.

Post-Covid and post-federal election, aboriginal identity politics is in overdrive. Greens leader Adam Bandt this week refused to stand in front of the Australian flag at a press conference. The political symbolism of the flags on bridges policy of Perrottet and Andrews mirrors the name change of the Melbourne Football Club to “narrm” during the two weeks of aboriginal “round”.

Naturally, the logie winning show which nobody watches, the Project, is normalising the idea that the Australian flag should be changed.

Ultimately the push is to delegitimise Australia as a country, dehumanise Australians, and justify our replacement. This is particularly important in the context of legislation just passed in Victoria banning the display of the ancient Aryan symbol:

From nEwS.cO.m:

Swastikas have been banned by law in Victoria – the first Australian state to make displaying the symbols a punishable offence.

Individuals found in breach of the new legislation will face up to 12 months in prison and fines of almost $22,000.

The Summary of Offences Amendment was passed on Tuesday, making it a criminal offence for anyone to intentionally display the hakenkruis (Nazi swastika) in public.

The landmark decision reflects the state’s clear message that Nazi and neo-Nazi ideology had no place in Victoria, a statement from the state government said.

Tens of thousands of people died in German labour camps at the end of World War 2 due to starvation and disease. The numbers and the intent were blown out of all proportion, cascading into the so-called “holocaust” which has become the greatest historical fraud in human history. This fact is well documented and uncontroversial.

However, the “holocaust” was set as the cornerstone of the post-war order and it is used to demonise pro-White advocates who oppose The Great Replacement via mass immigration.

Meanwhile the satanic communist symbol is freely and frequently brandished by communists, while the ethnic and ideological descendants of the perpetrators of the actual greatest genocide of the Twentieth Century, in central banks and international NGO’s such the WEF, plan the greatest genocide of all time in order to bring about an updated, Techno-Communism 2.0.

The historical fraud of the “holocaust” has worked so well that Dictator Dan is mandating the forcing of White Guilt down the unwilling throats of every child in Victoria:

From the Daily Mail:

Schools will teach kids about the ‘significant trauma’ of white colonisation, commemorate ‘Sorry Day’ and fly the Aboriginal flag under new laws in Victoria.

Premier Dan Andrews said he expected every school to adopt the reconciliation initiatives and that every year level would take part.

‘Being reconciled is just that. You can’t be reconciled if you’re not prepared to acknowledge some pretty awful stuff that happened in the past,’ Mr Andrews said on Tuesday.

The formula, whether it is the Russian and Polish pogroms, slavery in America, the “holocaust” or the so-called “stolen generation”, is the same:

  • Invent a White crime.
  • Lie about it constantly and forever.
  • Use the lie to demoralise and replace White people.

This is why it is vital to keep saying the truth regardless of the consequences. Our lives and the lives of our descendants depend on it.

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