Sydney Harbour Bridge to get one $25 million dollar aboriginal flag

Annual black magic ritual.

XYZ News understands that certain enterprising individuals have been drawing aboriginal flags on the backs of envelopes and posting them to the NSW government, along with an invoice for $15,000:

A company has revealed its quote it sent to the NSW government when it reached out to determine the cost to erect the Aboriginal flag onto Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge.

Premier Dominic Perrottet announced over the weekend a staggering $25 million will be put aside in the state budget on Tuesday for the project.

But taxpayers and the Opposition were left fuming after they heard about the price tag and believe it could be completed at a cheaper cost.

Poseidon Poles and Flags told The Daily Telegraph it had sent the government a much lower figure than the one Mr Perrottet announced to the public.

The Sydney Northern Beaches-based company said it would cost less than $650,000 to replace the three poles on the world-famous landmark.

It also estimated the cost to replace each pole would be between $175,000 to $200,000.

So an aboriginal flag doesn’t cost $25,000,000. It only costs $200,000. It’s practically a bargain.

The NSW and Australian flags are the only two flying on the Harbour Bridge but the project would see the Aboriginal flag permanently fixed alongside.

Lauren Mace from Poseidon Poles and Flags said one of the reasons for the shock $25m price tag could be safety.

“It is a lot (of money) … I think there’s quite a lot of work that needs to go into it, for a flag to stand on the harbour bridge securely,” she told the publication.

Another Northern Beaches flagpole company suggested traffic control and closing the bridge could be a reason for the inflated cost.

Goldspar, who were left “shocked” by the government’s estimation, suggested it would cost between $30,000 to $40,000 for a regular 20-metre pole.

Oh my goodness, only $30,000 for one aboriginal flag? Those things must be running out the door.

Mr Perrottet was left stunned about the $25 million cost and joked on Sunday he would personally go to Bunnings to get the materials to install it himself.

Touché. That’s probably the wittiest thing any Australia has said in the last two decades.

But one day later and following the outrage, he said he will be going through the costs “line by line” to ensure NSW taxpayers were getting “value for money”.

This episode reveals how useless so-called “conservatives” really are. The definition of “conservative” is to completely surrender on all cultural battlefields while promising to sell out your own people more cheaply than your openly Marxist opponents:

Despite the criticism of the costing, some residents suggested the Aboriginal flag could simply replace the NSW one so taxpayers do not have to foot the large bill.

Thus we see the relentless march of aboriginal identity politics in Australia. Its proponents are not after equal rights, let alone some kind of restitution for perceived historical grievances.

This is about replacement.

A flag denotes ownership. Flying the Australian and NSW flags on the highest point of Australia’s most iconic manmade structure demonstrates ownership of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by the Australian people. Placing the invented aboriginal flag as an equal partner implies two things:

  • aboriginals are a separate people to Australians.
  • aboriginals have a legitimate claim over a bridge that our ancestors built.

Adam Bandt this week played this game, refusing to stand next to the Australian flag during a press conference in Canberra. This signals the intention of the Greens to transfer ownership of Australia to globohomo, using aboriginal identity politics as a proxy.

The same game is being played by the Melbourne Football Club, which changed its name to “narrm” for the so-called “indigenous round”. Like a flag, a name denotes ownership, thus changing the name of the Melbourne Football Club for two weeks (yes, “indigenous round” went for two whole weeks this season) implies a transfer of ownership of the city of Melbourne, or the intention to do so, from the White Man to aboriginal people.

It’s no coincidence that Melbourne’s footy fortunes have tanked since the name change. Expect a similar trajectory for the whole of Australia as we piss away our birthright just so nobody calls us racist.

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