Love thy next door neighbour


We truth seekers are a depressing lot. We discover that the world is run by genocidal maniacs, then we keep seeing the plans of genocidal maniacs being put into practice. From there we join social media groups where we show each other all of the horrible things going on in the world, day after day, hour after hour, until we are all throughly depressed.

We join peaceful protests and get either ignored or beaten up and jailed. We come to hate the sheep who refuse to listen to our ravings. We isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and mutter to ourselves about the end of Western Civilisation or the end of the world itself. We are impotent, we are powerless, we are pathetic.

Is it any wonder that no one wants to be around us?

Approximately two years ago I had realised that the system that was being imposed upon us was specifically Anti Christ in nature. That it is focused on bringing about a world where the most stereotypical interpretation of the Book of Revelation would become a reality on this Earth. The number 666 had been inserted into evil patents and evil documents and the powers that Be were having lots of fun trolling the Bible and Christianity at every opportunity.

So I decided to read the original KJV of the Bible and about half way through it, six months later, I made the decision to believe in all of it and become a full on Bible thumping Christian. I recognised the necessity of it for our civilisation to recover or to renew again (if it was destined for destruction) and that I couldn’t advocate for it if I didn’t actually genuinely believe in it, especially all the miracle bits and coming back from the dead stuff.

My life and I myself have been radically changed since that decision, but that is not the subject of this article today. No, the subject of this article is to address what a miserable bunch of pessimists the red pilled community is and pass on a solution that I have been learning of in Bible study over the last few weeks.

Have you noticed that protests have failed? Have you noticed that elections have failed, that petitions have failed, that letters to your MPs have failed?

They are failing for three reasons: You have no faith in God, you are a miserable sad sack and you don’t talk to your neighbours. This applies to us Christians even more than it does to the atheists.

My subjective testimony to you, is that despite being sacked from my job for not taking the vaccine, being arrested a year ago for not wearing a mask and having the police banging on my door more than half a dozen times in January and February, God has proven His existence to me and has blessed my life with abundance.

It is a poor repayment to Him, for rewarding my leap of faith to proclaim my belief in Him, by proving His existence to me, for me to still carry on in my daily life as if He didn’t exist.

Why am I still spending most of my time fretting over what the enemy is doing? My salvation is secured, eternity in heaven is guaranteed and in the meantime, God has my back and has the world under control. Whatever the evil ones do, it’s going to be OK. I need to confess this every day. I need to praise Him every day. I need to be thankful for this beautiful life within this marvellous creation every day. The good, the bad and the ugly. Whatever happens, I have been blessed. And so have you.

If you want to be part of the solution, start here. Start with hope and peace and joy within yourself. Most of all, call on that within you whenever you are interacting with other people.

So, one, have faith in God through Jesus Christ, two, this will transform you so you are no longer a miserable sad sack, which leaves us with, three, talk to your neighbours.

Love thy neighbour, is the essence of Christianity. Love, in the original Greek is “Agape” (pronounced “Ah-agarp-eh”), which is a sacrificial zeal for someone whom you seek out the good within. Or words to that effect. It is an action, not a feeling. Christians are given this one duty only.

All of your obligations to God including loving God Himself are fulfilled when we actively go and help our neighbours in a sacrificial love.

Who are our neighbours? It’s pretty straight forward. The people who live next door to you, across the street from you and in your immediate vicinity.

What if you don’t like your neighbours?

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” (Matthew 5:44 KJV)

What enemies do you think we are being told to love, if love is defined as an action you do unto someone, rather than a feeling you have? Is it possible to love Klaus Schwab? Is it possible to go and cut overgrown lawn of Bill Gates? Is is possible to break bread with Joe Biden? Or have a friendly neighbourhood chat with Prince Charles, a Rothschild, Rockefeller or Soros? We can pray for them, but most of us have no opportunity to sacrifice our time and energy to love them. To DO something for them.

You know all of the bad stuff about the world, but what power do you really have to change things? You only have the power to influence those whom know you, who respect you and who trust you. We can’t change our Nations until we have changed our communities and we can’t change our communities until we change our neighbours and we can’t change our neighbours unless we know them and they know us. They won’t respect you or listen to you if you are a miserable frightened doomsday prepper sad sack. They might listen to you if you are a semi self sufficient Gardner with chickens and an emergency supply of things that may be useful one day, who is never phased by life’s problems because you have faith in the Lord. Someone who goes out of their way to be kind to their neighbours and takes the time to get to know them and help them whenever they can.

In our Bible study the other day we heard testimony (we were watching a video together) of a man whose neighbour was a drug dealer. The neighbour was eventually arrested and sent to prison. The man visited his neighbour every week in prison. This resulted in his neighbour becoming a Christian in prison and turning his life around and helping to clean up the neighbourhood once he was released.

You don’t need to tolerate evil deeds. You do need to love (the Agape version of love) your enemy as yourself. As God loves you. It is an action. It is doing things for others that is good for them. Things they need, which is not always things they say they want. You don’t do this with any scheme in mind of how to bring up God to them or vaccine mandates or any other thing on your mind. You are there only to help them. When the time is right, they will bring up these things with you. If you are in a state of faith and peace when that time comes, then your response to them will be a message of hope and solutions instead of one of hate filled despair.

Most likely your neighbours won’t be such extreme examples of evil as the one above. At least not all of your neighbours. But you may have a grumpy cow living next door to you, or a cantankerous old man, or a couple of lesbians or a gay man, or Muslim or whatever. In our Bible study we heard of lesbians getting married and having a family, of bad people becoming good people. For the Nationalists living next door to Asians or Africans, loving your neighbour, in its biblical meaning of being kind and helpful, has no contradictions within it in regards to telling the truth when asked or getting together in Whites only activities. If you want an example of this, just look at how many non-white ethnic community groups that exist in this country filled with people who congregate as a race, yet are still on friendly terms with their next door neighbours.

What they already do, you need to do better! If married heterosexual Christians can be kind to their next door neighbour rug muncher whilst letting them know that God designed them to have a husband and children (whenever the subject comes up in conversation), then White Nationalists can be kind to their Black next door neighbour whilst letting him know that they really should have stayed in Sudan and fought for their own people.

This is how Christianity spread like wildfire after the death and resurrection of Christ. Person to person. Neighbour to neighbour. Faith inspiring faith. Life under Nero and Caligula was much worse than life under Dan Andrews and Mark McGowan. The difference today is 99% of self proclaimed Christians are not obeying the command of Christ to love their neighbours. I know I certainly need to pull my own finger out and do more than I have been doing.

So if you want a solution to the tyranny we face, have faith in God, be happy and at peace and love thy next door neighbour.