Are vaccines “The Mark of the Beast”? Not yet. But they soon will be.


The Book of Revelation, at the conclusion of the Bible, tells of the coming of the Antichrist followed by the return of Christ Himself. We are told that no man can know the day nor the hour of when this will occur, but that there will be plenty of signs around that time to let true followers of Christ prepare.

Just how are we supposed to prepare? No differently from how we are instructed to live as Christians anyway. Believe in Christ as our saviour. Tell the truth, oppose evil, forgive people who repent, give opportunities for people to change their ways and generally try and live our lives emulating Jesus as best we can.

So when people troll the Book of revelation and deliberately set out to do evil as if the Antichrist is coming and show that their plan is to help him into existence, it should be a no brainer, for every person who calls themselves a Christian, to speak out against it and have absolutely nothing to do with anything such people are trying to implement. I do not know if the Antichrist is really coming back at this time for real, or whether what is going on is just sick and twisted people who revel in the idea of enacting the prophecy as some kind of psychotic power rush.

If we are living in the End Times, our duty is to speak the truth, call out evil and put our faith in Christ. If it’s just a sick trolling of Christians, then it’s our duty to speak the truth, call out evil and put our faith in Christ!

What is “The Beast”? Is it a physical animal or is the animal described in the vision a representation of something else? A system perhaps? I don’t know. I have accepted the Bible as completely true, but there are many passages within it, where the text can be misinterpreted. Where HOW the Bible is true is revealed to us over time. I doubt if anyone knows for sure how the End Times will play out. All I know is that when it does finally play out the text will suddenly seem obvious and we will all wonder how we could have thought it to mean anything else.

The Beast, the Bible tells us, is marked by the number 666. If you add up all of the numbers on a roulette wheel (1+2+3…..+36) you will get a number of 666. If you look up US patent number 060606 you will find a crypto currency system owned by Microsoft where your bio information can be linked to whether or not money is released for purchases or not.

Are either of these two things the true Biblical prophecy that we are warned of? The game of roulette has been around for hundreds of years. The patent was granted in 2020. The world didn’t end after the invention of roulette, maybe it will carry on for hundreds of years after this patent is applied to our lives. Does that make either of these two things less evil or something Christians shouldn’t warn people about? I worked in Casinos for many years. I saw what gambling can do to people. I don’t gamble myself and when I left the Casino industry, I swore I would never work in them again.

The thing is about the Mark of the Beast, any time we discover the number associated with something nefarious, it COULD be the real thing. We don’t know! I think it is wrong of us to say that anything definitely is, but I think it is just as bad for Christians to dismiss the notion as definitely not as well.

What we should know for sure, is right from wrong, good from evil and what should never change is our duty to call evil out wherever we find it.

The crypto currency patent is important because it can tie in your medical information to your ability to access a digital currency. The ability to access digital currency is important because cash is being phased out. You can no longer use it at many Woolworths stores. Nandos have banned it in all of their stores. How long before the only form of money you can trade with is Government approved digital currency? Now add vaccine passports to the Microsoft patent.

Your medical information scanned from your body and linked to whether or not you can enter a store or premises and whether you can access your money to buy and sell. The mark is said to be in the forehead or hand of everyone who bares it. So then there is this technology, “coincidentally” funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation:

So now, your vaccine as well as a way to digitally verify whether or not you’ve had every vaccine they want you to have can be implanted under your skin. It will be a digital mark, probably on your hand. Without it you won’t be able to buy or sell, travel, or go to church to hear your brainwashed, ignorant, pastor tell the congregation that the vaccine is definitely not the Mark of the Beast.

No it’s not. Not yet. But by the time Bill Gates and other Satan worshipers have implemented everything they want to do, there will be no way to tell the difference between the real Antichrist and what they have created.

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