WHO to rename Monkeypox because it’s fake and gay


The discourse of the latest globalist pandemic scare campaign has given us a beautiful case study to examine the way in which woke idiots will tie themselves in rhetorical knots in order to avoid offence:

The World Health Organization has said it will rename monkeypox to avoid discrimination and stigmatisation as the virus continues to spread among people in an unprecedented global outbreak of the disease.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director general, said the organisation was “working with partners and experts from around the world on changing the name of the monkeypox virus, its clades and the disease it causes”.

The move comes after scientists called for an “urgent” change to the name which they described as “inaccurate”, “discriminatory” and “stigmatising” in a report released last week. An announcement on the new name would be made “as soon as possible”, said Tedros.

Similar concerns were raised at the height of the coronavirus pandemic when new Covid variants were named after the countries or regions where they were first detected, leading to travel bans and other restrictions. In response, the WHO brought in a naming system that referred to new variants as letters of the Greek alphabet.

In the report, the scientists raise concerns that the “prevailing perception” in the media and scientific literature is that monkeypox virus is endemic in humans in some African countries, whereas the virus is overwhelmingly found in animals, which have historically sparked occasional outbreaks when they infect people.

The scientists warn of “an increasing narrative in the media and among many scientists that are trying to link the present global outbreak to Africa or west Africa, or Nigeria”. While the UK Health Security Agency first raised the alarm after a person with monkeypox arrived in London from Nigeria on 4 May, the virus had already been spreading for some time, predominantly among men who have sex with men.

What they are trying not to say is that Monkeypox is basically just an STD which originated in Africa, and only harms reprobates. It is AIDS 2.0. It is almost exclusively contracted by men who engage in sexual perversion, ie reprobates. However because the jews want to normalise said sexual perversion and then go far worse, they will do everything they can to avoid using the terms used to define those who engage in said sexual perversion – gay, homosexual, stunning and brave.

What they’re trying not to say is that at some point, a faggot fucked a monkey in Africa.

Also, the whole monkey thing. Consider that in The Planet of the Apes remake, the apes were presented as the good guys, rebelling against their human oppressors.

The symbolism of blacks killing Whites was unmistakable, not to mention overt incitement. I guess it’s okay to make black people analogous to apes when Hollywood is trying to start a race war, but having a nasty virus which only affects reprobates and originated in Africa called “monkeypox” is just a little beyond the pale for the overlords, apparently.

Now consider that The Planet of the Apes remake also depicted a virus which wipes out a large portion of humanity at the exact moment as the Apes arise. Also, isn’t it funny how the first city to fall is San Fransisco?

Are they black power salutes?

These people know what they’re doing.

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