Depp v Heard ended in Total Victory: Does anybody remember Pizzagate?


So the latest distraction is over. Johnny Depp is innocent of the rape and bashing of his ex whore wife Amber Heard. The real news of Ghislaine Maxwell being convicted of sex trafficking has gone under the radar and all of the blackmailed rich and powerful who were filmed fucking underage teenagers are breathing a sigh of relief. Not one has been charged. Not one will ever be charged. Mossad are also quite happy and will continue on their operation of destruction of what’s left of Christendom via exploitation of depraved politicians and celebrities. Wherever Jeffrey Epstein ended up, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone has taken his place.

I want to take this opportunity to say something very controversial here. The women who came forward in the Epstein/Maxwell saga are not victims any more than Amber Heard was. They knew exactly what they were doing at the time, they had as much agency as an adult. They simply are pissed off that they didn’t get more money out of it and now want a nice pay day. In short, they are not victims. They are attention seeking, money grabbing whores and the only sympathy I have for them is for whatever shitty parenting they had that had turned them into drug abusing whores at such a young age.

The only victims in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial are the citizens of the West, who suffer under the consequences of complete and utter depravity. And even there, our own abandonment of God in our personal lives and failure to demand high moral standards in our leaders and in the entertainment we consume is what has enabled such a state of affairs to exist.

The rich and powerful who went to Epstein Island are depraved and are not victims for finding themselves blackmailed. The teenage whores were not victims. The ones who came forward were between 14 and 17. 18 is a good legal age of consent, but don’t insult my intelligence and try claiming to me that many girls aren’t happily whoring themselves out at a much earlier age. We all remember high school. We all remember who those girls were. There are plenty of 14-17 year old girls who look 18 or older. That was the whole point of the Mossad operation. Get a depraved politician or member of the Royal family over for sex with a young woman. Film it and then let them know they were legally underage. The really underage ones haven’t come forward. Most likely because they’re all dead. Possibly eaten. The little girl on Hunter Biden’s laptop, for example, will not be speaking out.

Obviously Ghislaine Maxwell is no victim either. She sought out underage girls, used them for nefarious ends and likely did many things that were much worse than what she has been convicted for. The real victims of Maxwell, Epstein and the rich and powerful who used their services were not spoken of in the trial. The prepubescent. Those actually raped rather than statutorily raped. It is right that she goes to jail for trafficking teenagers and those who fucked them should go to jail too. You have to have a standard in law. You have to have an arbitrary line that you don’t cross. It is the deliberate perverse desire to push that line or cross that line that is the sin that requires punishment, not the willingness of those under that line to accommodate the sin that negates it. Nothing negates it. A pervert is a pervert and they should all burn at the stake.

So instead of 8 weeks of internet explosion talking about all the consequences and truths about Epstein Island, we have had a lessor justice. We have had Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. We have had a mild pushback against the “me too”, “believe all women” movement. It’s been the equivalent of replacing Julia Gillard with Tony Abbott in politics. Our displeasure is noted. The kettle is allowed to blow off some steam. Then the steam train rolls ever onward, destination Hellfire and damnation.

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