WEF Conducts Event 616: Wargames Coming of the Antichrist


At this week’s WEF Summit in Davos, attended by world luminaries such as Bill Gates, George Soros and headed by Klaus Schwab, attendees conducted a tabletop simulation to better understand how world leaders would respond to the coming of the antichrist.

According to a WEF insider, the wargame exercise revealed several heretofore unforeseen negative outcomes, such as mass death, as well as positive outcomes, such as mass death:

“Basically, everybody dies. We ran the simulation multiple times and changed a large number of variables each time, just to be sure. Whatever way we played it, the coming of the antichrist resulted in mass death on a global scale. We’re talking billions.

“We couldn’t be happier.

“We believe the coming of the antichrist could be the final solution to the issue of overpopulation, which is killing our planet via excess carbon pollution and overuse of dwindling resources.”

The simulation reinforced the need for a strengthening of global governance:

“Global problems require global solutions. Our modelling suggests the best response to the coming of the antichrist would be the establishment of a One World Government, preferably in Babylon, but we’ll take Jerusalem if that’s the best we can do.

“Pleasingly we found that cracking down on hatespeech online, criminalising Christianity and pro-Whote associations, banning fossil fuel use, mandating alternative meat consumption, QR code scans for all purchases via the hand, forehead or retina, and compulsory post-birth abortions for all firstborns produced the best results.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting descended into chaos as Gates, Soros and Schwab all argued over who got to be the antichrist. Witnesses claim it was “the girliest fight they have ever seen.”

Previous simulations carried out by the WEF have proven remarkably prophetic. In this latest simulation the date of the apocalypse was chosen as June 6, 2022. Sources claim rituals are being conducted around the clock and media assets fully mobilised.

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