Victoria Partially Scraps Vaccine Mandates

This is exactly what Melbourne’s CBD looks like. It’s cold, wet, everyone is masked and there are no White people left.

It’s not over, but this will provide many people with some much needed breathing space:

Victoria’s isolation rules for close contacts will be scrapped, along with vaccine requirements and mandatory mask rules under an easing of restrictions announced this morning.

As part of the swathe of changes, Victorians won’t be required to have two vaccine doses or show their vaccination status before entering venues.

The changes will come into effect from 11:59pm on Friday.

The requirement for staff and patrons of venues to check in using the Services Victoria app will end and operators will not be required to maintain attendance records or maintain a COVID marshal.

Masks will no longer be required in primary schools, in early childhood settings, or retail settings or events.

It was all bogus. All of it. It was only ever about control, and it worked like a charm. There are a heap of other controls Daniel Andrews’ government is finally relinquishing but the damage is done. They can and will reinstate them at any time. Andrews has the “legal” right to do that now. Victoria is still a dictatorship, they’re just giving us a bit of yard time.

It’s fun to read their excuses for why they’re “giving us our freedoms back”:

Mr Foley said modelling had shown that Victoria was passed the peak of it’s latest Omicron surge.

“We know that there will be a long plateauing and tail to this BA.2 Omicron sub-variant wave,” Mr Foley said.

“But what we know is that we’ve passed the peak and we are able to look to this group of sensible measures being able to take us into a still-challenging winter.”

No. Daniel Andrews was keen to lift some mandates before the election because nobody likes a dictator, but he didn’t want to do so until after the Grand Prix. He threatened last year that the unvaccinated would not be going to the Grand Prix. Thus to appease his ego, the “modelling” supported easing of restrictions after the Grand Prix rather than before it.

Crucially, some workers will be able to avoid starvation. Although the wording regarding worker mandates is deliberately vague, the word is that industries not considered “critical” will be able to choose whether or not to enforce vaccine mandates:

Professor Sutton said the high vaccination rates contributed to the easing of restrictions and that mandates for booster doses would remain in place in critical industries such as healthcare, disability, education and food distribution.

More than two thirds of Victorians over 16 have had a booster shot, while 94.5 per cent of Victorians over 12 have had two doses.

We already know they’re lying about the vaccination rate, and the vaccines are steadily killing people. I have two more takeaways from this.

Firstly, I am in no hurry to return to businesses which discriminated against me for the last six months. Seriously, fuck every pub owner, fuck every restaurant owner, fuck every cafe owner, fuck every bar owner. Fuck small businesses that went along with the vaccine mandates, I hope they go broke. Melbourne’s reputation as a food and entertainment hub is massively overblown. Restaurant food has too much salt in it, you can make perfectly good coffee at home, and the entire hospitality “industry” is based on a degenerate and cosmopolitan lifestyle which weakens our people.

Having said that, there will be many purebloods who do not have the luxury of such principles. We know that as soon as the election is done in November, the Hunger Games will become absolutely real, both in terms of the totalitarianism and the hunger.

They have built the camps. They have laid the foundation for the digital prison – QR codes, vaccine passports, the centralised collection of data and the development of AI to manage it. They have successfully modified behaviour – mask wearing, working from home, travel restrictions, checking in, more reliance upon technology.

Global supply chains are breaking down, food prices are up, food riots are spreading across the third world, oil prices are set to go through the roof and hyperinflation is on the cards. If Australia is ever cut off from international trade routes we have only three weeks supply of fuel.

Now is the time to work – any place you can- and save, grow and store food, and turn your funds into something which will help you when everything comes crumbling down.

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