Pandemic Bill Blackmail: Daniel Andrews would have reintroduced State of Emergency if he didn’t get his way


It would be incorrect to say that with the passing of Daniel Andrews’ Pandemic Bill, Victoria is now a dictatorship. Police brutality, state surveillance, thought policing and political showtrials were already the norm.

We were already under a dictatorship. It is simply that now the “legal framework” for that dictatorship is stronger:

The Victorian government’s controversial pandemic laws have officially passed the through the state parliament.

The laws, which replace the state of emergency powers, passed 20 votes to 18, with the support of four crossbenchers.

It comes after days of debate and a marathon sitting that lasted 21 hours in order to pass several amendments.

The legislation will now be passed to the governor for royal assent to become law.

Health Minister Martin Foley said the government did not expect to use the new powers before December 15 when the state of emergency expires.

So what they’re saying is that as soon as the current state of emergency expires on December 15, the state government will invoke the new legislation to effectively implement a permanent state of emergency.


Victoria will be the first state in Australia to have pandemic-specific legislation, giving the government of the day the legal framework it needs to manage health emergencies, including vaccine mandates and mask rules.

Yes. The “legal framework” for dictatorship. Also, I thought they had argued that this legislation was merely bringing us into line with the rest of the country?

The legislation will give Victoria’s premier and health minister the power to declare a pandemic and enforce restrictions.

The government no longer needs to parade a puppet Chief Health Officer before the press and tell everyone they’re just doing what he recommended. They can openly say they are worried about a particular outbreak of whatever, and it’s back to neutralising peaceful protesters with robocop.

Understandably, massive protests have been held around the country against this bill, against vaccine mandates and the system of state control which has been rolled out across the globe under the pretext of fighting against the so-called “pandemic”.

We are being assured now that the amendments will make everything fine and we can all go home:

Dozens of amendments were made to the original proposal as a result of negotiations between the state government and crossbench MPs such as the Reason Party’s Fiona Patton, Animal Justice Party’s Andy Meddick and the Greens’ leader Samantha Ratnam.

In recent days, Transport Matters MP Rod Barton agreed to back the bill after securing further changes, and his support ultimately led to its passage through the upper house on Thursday.

These changes include oversight by various committees staffed by the very same crossbenchers who let the legislation through in the first place. This means all a government has to do at most is make further light concessions to backbenchers, crossbenchers or opposition MP’s to maintain unlimited power.

Nom nom nom.

Old fatface wants to appear as though he drove a hard bargain for Victorians, but the truth has come out, now it’s all a done deal:

Mr Barton said the wide-sweeping changes to the legislation made the bill a “very different beast” from the one initially proposed by the Victorian government.

“We couldn’t and we didn’t support it originally. But with an enormous amount of work, we’ve turned this sort of dog’s breakfast bill into a framework to keep the people of Victoria safe,” Mr Barton said.

Mr Barton said the legislation was important in allowing the state government to handle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and bring its powers in line with other states.

“If the bill didn’t get up, I believe the government would have found a way of reintroducing the state of emergency powers, and I don’t think anybody would want to see that again.”

If the pandemic legislation had not passed through parliament, the Andrews’ government would have just introduced another state of emergency. Barton was effectively blackmailed. He would have been told something to the effect of the following:

“Look, this is the most we are ever going to give. You can either accept these concessions so that I can be Dictator for Life, or you will get no concessions and I will still effectively be Dictator for Life. I am going to get what I want, regardless of whether or not I have to do a deal every three months to extend the state of emergency.”

So, this is our life now. You are not having a nightmare, this is real. We’re not going to vote or comply our way out of this.

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