NYC Terror Attack: black Man Commits Mass Shooting


A black man named Frank James has committed a terrorist attack on the New York City train system.

James appears to have been well prepared, using a Glock pistol fitted with extended ammunition magazines, smoke grenades, and he had fireworks on hand. The terrorist is still at large:

A gunman opened fire inside a train car in Brooklyn during the Tuesday-morning rush hour, wounding ten people in the bloodiest attack on the subway in recent memory. More than a dozen people were being treated for non-life threatening injuries at area hospitals, officials said.

Authorities described how the attack unfolded during a Tuesday evening press conference at NYPD headquarters. Earlier that morning, a man wearing a hardhat and reflective safety vest boarded a Manhattan-bound N express train in Brooklyn. Just before 8:30 a.m., after the train left the 59th Street station, the man threw two smoke grenades to the floor of the second car. He then opened fire with a 9mm Glock handgun outfitted with extended magazines, firing 33 shots as smoke filled the car. When the train pulled into the next station at 36th Street in Sunset Park, straphangers barreled out, coughing and bleeding on the platform. The shooter escaped, but not before leaving behind a bag of fireworks, a hatchet, and a key to a U-Haul rental van.

Police say the van, which was later found abandoned several miles from the site of the attack, was rented in Philadelphia by Frank James, 62, who they called a person of interest. “We don’t know right now if Mr. James has any connection to the subway” attack, said NYPD chief of detectives James Essig, but they are searching for him. The manhunt for the shooter may be hampered by the lack of working surveillance cameras inside three stations, according to Essig.

Naturally, although the terrorist was well armed and well stocked, had clearly planned both the terrorist attack and his getaway, and he expressed political motives for his violence – ie terrorism – American authorities are not classifying his act of terrorism as terrorism, because he is black:

James had made “concerning posts” on social media regarding Mayor Eric Adams, New York City, and homelessness, according to police commissioner Keechant Sewell. The NYPD is heightening Adams’s security detail as a result, but Sewell did not say whether there was a specific threat to the mayor. The FBI and ATF have joined the NYPD’s investigation, but the attack so far is not being investigated as an act of terrorism. (Officials clarified initial reports about bombs, saying no explosive devices were found.)

In Australia last year, so-called “counter-terrorism” police found ground up sparklers from a previous tenant in the back shed of a nationalist’s house, and the Lying Press trumpeted the word “terrorism” across every newspaper in the country. Yet Frank James had fireworks on hand during a terrorist attack in which he used smoke grenades and a customised Glock, and police are at pains to say he didn’t have a bomb.

This is stupid. He had bombs. He had fireworks, to use on a train, in a terrorist attack in which he shot ten people.

That’s what you call a bomb.

But anyway, he’s black, so this will get memory-holed. The Narrative makers have already slotted this away as just another mass shooting, which they will exploit as a means of stealing guns off White people so they can’t protect themselves from black mass shooters.

Adams spoke at the evening press conference remotely from Gracie Mansion, where he has been isolating since testing positive for COVID on Sunday. Elected in large part to stamp out rising gun violence in the city, he linked Tuesday’s attack to a long series of mass shootings stretching back to Columbine. “These relentless shooters are an American problem,” he said, saying he nation was in the grips of nothing less than a “cult of death.”

Statistics demonstrate that black people commit most gun violence and most mass shootings in America.

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