The morality of our Civilization


The further our farce of a civilization continues, the more ludicrous the foundations on which it stands. I refer to the principles, ethics and virtues of Western civilization as it stands today. What are these exactly? In a collective sense, what do we believe in? What is our moral code?

To answer this question, to know what defines our world, you need only examine that which has its support. As an example, fathers are worthless to our regime, at best. I say at best because the System under which we live is openly antithetical to fathers. The proof of this is not just in the outcomes of broken families, but in the number of broken families. Remember, in a healthy system the fathers are in charge of their own domiciles.

Today we are governed by women and children and that is a most terrible curse according to the Bible.

Thus, when we examine the plight of fathers we can then make an educated observation regarding one of the core principles of our age – the traditional family is not what is desired. The reasoning behind this principle is convoluted so I won’t go into it here; that is not the point of this piece. What I am talking about is our ability to identify the various principles, ethics and virtues that define our world. First you have to know what they are; only then can you begin to extrapolate upon them.

If fathers are so worthless then the question must be asked as to the value of children. After all, it is well known and understood that children are the future of any civilization. An objective observer might then be troubled when discovering information such as the following:

Insane. The pro-lifers are being investigated. Not the clinic.

So, for those who are unfamiliar, a couple of pro-life women got a hold of a box full of aborted fetuses. They said they asked the trucker but the trucker is denying it. They said they wanted to give them a funeral. When they opened it up, they said that the remains included babies who seemed to have been viable and possibly victims of partial birth abortions. This report, however, indicates that the police are ONLY investigating the pro-lifers. So predictable.

There are many takeaways from this short paragraph that we can use to help define some more principles of our civilization. The most glaring of all is that unborn or near term children are killed by the State as a matter of routine in what can only be described as an industrial process. This then raises the immediate question as to the value of children to our society and thus its future health. By a purely objective examination, it doesn’t look too good. And this is without raising any question of morality.

The news that the police are investigating the pro-lifers in this situation tells us that the moral code of our society is to murder children. To offer them up as some sort of sacrifice to whatever gods our society believes in. Anyone protesting this state of affairs is de facto an enemy of the state and must then be prosecuted.

The lines are clear for anyone who cares to look. Unfortunately for the West, we have not been looking for a very long time now. When the process to legalise abortion began over forty years ago, it was sold as being safe and rare, among other absurd platitudes. Just how the killing of unborn children can be considered to be safe holds up to no scrutiny whatsoever, but we let it pass. And once you open the gate to hell then what comes through is out of your control. The first step is just the beginning, not the final act of the matter.

The protestors in the above example simply wanted to provide the murdered infants with a funeral. But such an act cannot be tolerated by the System because a funeral implies that those murdered infants were people with souls. You cannot enjoy industrial scale murder of infants without anchoring the process on the lie that they are not yet people. A funeral negates that assumption. Thus the punishment of those who dared to attempt to pull back the curtain.

In the last few years we have born witness to scenes of mostly female politicians in various countries around the West dancing and laughing in joyful celebration when their efforts to pass legislation allowing the murder of unborn infants up to full term were successful. That is the morality of our age. Those are the people who lead us. They are the ones who benefit when you dutifully tick one of the boxes.

There have been other civilizations in the past that succumbed to sacrificing their children in such a manner. One of the most well known was Carthage, the true Evil Empire of its time. The only adequate response to the threat of Carthage was for the Romans to raise the entire edifice to the ground and salt the earth. Only then was its evilness banished to history.

Today we live in our own version of Carthage. Understand that anything that you do to survive within the System is a promotion of all it stands for. We should not be seeking ways to win within the System. Rather, we should be working to have a noble hand in banishing its evilness to the awful pages of history.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.