Ukrainian Family Flees To Australia: Goes Straight To Covid Gulag

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If Australia really was a free country, we wouldn’t have to keep telling ourselves that:

A family of Ukrainian refugees has described their harrowing escape from war-torn Kyiv to reunite with family in Australia, only to be immediately taken to a Queenslandquarantine facility.

Grandmother Iryna Bilyk had fled her home country with her daughter-in-law and grandchild, leaving the now-unrecognisable capital city in a small car, as the sound of shelling continued around them.

Forced to leave Iryna’s two sons, son-in-law and husband behind, the trio headed for safety over the Romanian border.

Iryna’s daughter in Brisbane, also named Iryna, said when the Russian invasion began earlier this month, she begged her family to evacuate.

“They were panicking, there were tears, you know, we’ve got a little girl who is seven years old, she didn’t know where the bombs were coming from, what was happening,” she said.

“They just packed a tiny suitcase or a backpack and were just running, thinking ‘what if we get hit in the car’ … you just don’t know if you will be hit or not.”

She said leaving the family behind was not an easy decision for her mother, but she decided to go through with it for the safety of her granddaughter.

“My mum had to say goodbye to her two sons, to her husband,” Ms Bilyik said.

“My sister-in-law had to say goodbye to her husband, and my niece had to say goodbye to her father who she might never see again.

“Of course it was heartbreaking.

There is constant bombing, one of my brothers stays up all night watching the sky … they can see planes flying constantly bombs, their friend’s house was bombed, you never know if you’ll be next.”

The family drove south to Moldova, before continuing to Romania.

It’s there Iryna’s husband, Martin Cropper, flew from Brisbane to meet them, before all four family members made the final journey to Australia.

But at the airport, Ms Bilyk said her mother, sister-in-law, and niece were immediately taken away by customs officers due to not being vaccinated.


Banned from hugging their loved ones, the trio, who do not speak English, were put onto busses and transported to Brisbane’s Wellcamp quarantine facility.

“We are not allowed to come anywhere near each other and they took her away,” Ms Bilyk said.

One irony is that in this video, for the first time in any reporting I have seen on Australia’s Covid gulags, images of said gulags are given ominous overtones.

The message is clear – if it is for Australians it is for the common good, but if it is for sanctified “refugees” then it is evil.

Another irony is that they eventually let them go. Seriously, Novak should have claimed he was a refugee.

Her husband said the family was devastated.

“After all they had been through, to get to that realise they were going to be taken away,” Mr Cropper said.

“You could see the fear and the heartbreak in their eyes.

“My niece actually believes she’s been captured by the Russians.”

Where’s the lie? Australia is basically a Communist country now. When our governments forbade us from travelling more than five kilometres from our homes, forced us to carry ID wherever we went and masks over our faces, anybody who opposed this was shot with rubber bullets and beaten with rifles.

After the mass house arrest was eased, the government used an experimental, military grade radiation weapon on ordinary people protesting against compulsory vaccinations. Covid gulags are being built across the entire country, ostensibly to house foreign arrivals, but everybody knows they will eventually be full of Covid dissidents. We already jail political dissidents.

That little girl has every reason to believe she has been captured by ze Russianz. Modern Australia looks for all intents and purposes like the Regime we and our Liberal allies supposedly defeated in 1989.

I would write some spiel about how the Communist ideology which we fought against for 4 decades after we joined forces with the Communists to defeat a country sworn to defeat Communism actually subverted our own system so that we became Communist anyway.

However, the fact is that even without Soviet subversion we were already set down this path. Liberalism is opposed to everything that came before us and strives to replace God, the people of every nation, our families and our culture with atomised individuals with no attachments whatsoever.

How the purveyors of such an ideology can possibly think this is a good thing is beyond me. Maybe they never thought it through. Perhaps they have some scheme whereby they convince one group of people that they should be liberal while enforcing a strict traditionalism for their own.

The end result is that Australia is not a free country. We are constantly told this is a good place to live. People overseas are constantly told this as well, in order to con them into coming here to take out mortgages buy houses so the government can keep our deindustrialised economy on life support and replace our native stock.

Ordinary people, whether native Australians or the foreign invaders conned into coming here are all victims of our government, its Liberal ideology, and, well, you know. All must be removed.

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