My article questioning whether or not the war in Ukraine is a complete hoax has been triggering a lot of people in the “freedom” movement. So what better way to follow up than by committing a written “hate crime”?

Yes I know: Freemasons, the Vatican, the Royal Family, the Illuminati. It’s not just the jews. It’s not all jews. Yada yada yada, oh veh!

But let’s face it, the headline of this article just wouldn’t be as catchy with any other group and criticising any other group wouldn’t put me on an official watch list.

So I wrote an article questioning whether or not the whole Ukraine war was another giant hoax on the basis of a single video of a guy travelling from Poland to Ukraine by train and his footage in Kiev. An important point is that I cannot answer my own question, nor did I attempt to. I simply pointed out two definite complete hoaxes that have been pushed on us and said, why not this too? It could be a complete hoax. It could be a partial hoax. Or maybe the video from the lone guy is where the lies are. Quite frankly I don’t care. I’ve tried to avoid writing much on Ukraine precisely because that’s where all the media and all the politicians are trying to focus my attention. They are crying wolf and it’s not the first time.

Remember that for the last 77 years we’ve had the complete hoax of the holocaust rammed down our throats. No systematic plan of extermination. No gas chambers. No Jews made into soap or lamp shades. Just typhoid and later starvation as supply lines were cut. Yes the jews in Germany were persecuted. Yes they were denied various jobs. Yes many had their businesses taken from them. They were put in ghettos and later they were shipped in cattle carts during the war to concentration camps where they were tattooed with a number and where many died. Just nowhere near six million and not due to being deliberately exterminated.

So when it comes to the holocaust, I am a “Luke warmer” or a “CoVid is real but not dangerous” kind of guy. I don’t Heil Hitler and I don’t think the German National Socialists were all saints. But the fact that I was lied to at all means I have no issues with anyone who wishes to believe complete fakery. Once you lie, the onus of proof for everything else is on you.

How many false flag events, how many hoaxes, how many lies since then? Sure it’s not just the jews. Most of the people who concocted the holocaust narrative were gentiles after all.

But “they” (whatever the individual ethnicity of each of the members of the Globalist cabal) have cried wolf once too often.

Now we have a jewish President of a Nation where supposed white Nationalists are financed by the US intelligence services to kill Russian speaking Muslims in Western Ukraine, that has apparently caused a President of Russia (whose Billionaire Oligarchs are all jews and where holocaust denial can see you jailed) to invade the world’s largest bread basket, just as anti vax mandate protests were reaching fever pitch in the West and the first Klaus Schwab predicted food shortages are beginning to occur. Apparently there is a refugee crisis and we’re refusing them entry into Europe this time. It’s just that normal train services are still operating and trains are empty. The train stations are only full of journalists and crisis actors (by the evidence of the video from the guy who went there).

Hey, it could all be real. But they cried wolf once too often and I’m tired of being told it’s not okay to pin any of the blame, not even a small part of it, on powerful jews.

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