Welcome to the post White male future:

At the Oscars today, Chris Rock pointed out that Will Smith’s wife’s shaved head makes her look like a dyke, so Smith got out of his seat and punched Rock in the face. Rock rolled with it and tried to pretend it was just a joke. Smith kept swearing at him from his seat.

Diversity has lower impulse control than White people and is thus more prone to violence. Crime statistics prove this, which is why the media has lied about them for so long and now police departments aren’t even recording crime-by-race stats any more.

The Fresh Prince of Bell Air lied to us.

Wi pepo

Diversity can’t be middle class, because middle class is White.

Anybody who is not White knows that they can get away with public violence post-Floyd. They can literally burn cities to the ground and the Lying Press will cover for them, so they are empowered to be as violent as they want.

Such scenes are only shocking to a modern White audience and nobody else. White men used to defend the honour of our women regularly, but we have been subject to the most intense propaganda campaign of all time, designed to demoralise us and destroy our will to fight.

Every group of people on the planet has a history of violence, it’s just that we did it better. We made the mistake of letting jews into our civilisation who have since spread the lie that only White violence was evil but everybody else’s was either justified or never happened.

Enough White people believed this lie and thus we lowered our guard. Things have now reached the point where two diversity hires are slugging it out at the Oscars.

It should be pointed out that Will Smith is a Son of Belial who is in an open relationship with his dyke-haircut-wife, and his son, well, I don’t know what his son is. I’m not a biologist.

Will Smith’s son.

It’s weird then, isn’t it. The reprobate Will Smith appeared angry because Chris Rock pointed out that his wife does not conform to traditional norms of femininity, yet he is happy for his son to subvert fundamental biology.

Which brings us to the question: Was the punch even real?

The thing is, White people are waking up to the lies of Hollywood, and the Oscars are sliding into irrelevance as it and Hollywood haemorrhage viewers and money. What better way to spike interest than with a diversity fight.

Hollywood must maintain relevance. It is part of the mind control, part of the Media Industrial Complex which transmits White guilt and White replacement into everything from escapist entertainment to advertisements for shavers.

The jews need Hollywood, not for the money, but for the power it gives them, hence why there is every reason to believe this was a set up.

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