Daniel Andrews has Covid and everyone hopes he dies


Daniel Andrews has AIDS:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has tested positive for Covid and will stand aside from the top job for the next week while he isolates.

Mr Andrews said he developed mild symptoms on Monday morning, including a sore throat and mild temperature.

“I undertook a rapid antigen test. I have tested positive to Covid, and will now isolate for the next seven days,” he said in a statement.

Mr Andrews said he is isolating at his home in Melbourne.

The fully vaccinated and masked Premier catches Covid at an event which required a vaccine passport for entry. Because the system works.

How’s that vaccine working out for you, Dan?

Social media has exploded in response to the news, with millions of Victorians expressing their desire for Daniel Andrews to burn in hell:

He’s getting panned, and rightly so.

Daniel Andrews is personally responsible for the most reprehensible Covid Tyranny on the planet.in 2020 and 2021 he locked down the entire city of Melbourne for months at a time. Masks were mandatory and people were prevented from travelling more than 5km from their homes. People were arrested for Facebook posts and police used rubber bullets, horses, rifle butts, anything to brutalise public dissenters.

Now you cannot get a job in this state without taking a poisonous vaccine. Hundreds of thousands have protested against this. To put it simply, everybody hates Daniel Andrews and hopes he dies. He probably won’t though, because the PCR test is fake and so is Covid.

So how did we reached this absurd situation, whereby a fat dweeb who used to sell hard drugs at university and who bribed his way into office was able to use a fake virus to impose a totalitarian digital prison on Victorians on behalf of his globalist masters? A hint is in the place where he contracted the rebranded flu:

Mr Andrews and his family attended the premiere of Hamilton in at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne on Thursday evening.

Hamilton is rubbish, as are musicals in general. They’re full of faggots.

The musical Hamilton is purportedly based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, a slightly black political leader in Revolutionary America. As explained however in the documentary The Money Masters, Hamilton was completely and utterly a tool of the bankers.

From America’s inception a struggle ensued between the free people of America and the bankers, both jew and goy, determined to bring the new nation under their control. Hamilton repeatedly pushed for the creation of a proto-Federal Reserve. Americans held off him and his ilk for over a century. Eventually Americans lost, with the Federal Reserve being established in 1913 and World War 1 kicking off one year later.

In the century since the bankers have consolidated their power. They don’t care who is in power on either the left or right, because the golden rule states that he who has the gold makes the rules.

While we focus on the likes of Klaus Schwab of the WEF, George Soros of the OSF and the dribbling President of the United States, these guys are merely frontmen for the bankers who hold the real power. Now they are making a play for total world domination and global depopulation, with only China, Russia, India and Iran standing in their way.

Us White guys don’t really have a lot of options right now.

If you serve their bidding you are rewarded in the temporal realm, at the price of your soul. If the bankers win, in a hundred years time Daniel Andrews will get a faggy musical made about him which completely glosses over the fact that he turned Victoria into a giant open air prison and presents him as a champion of trans and pedo rights.

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