New Poll Shows Americans Hate Antifa; Are Significantly More Concerned With Black Crime Than “Domestic Terrorism”


Originally published at National Justice.

A new Axios-Ipsos poll finds a widening gap between the top concerns of ordinary Americans and the propaganda force-fed to the public by the press.

The main findings across all racial groups show fatigue with media and academic narratives about “racism,” a total lack of interest in the moral panic about white supremacist domestic terrorism, and a widespread disdain for Anti-Fascist paramilitary groups (Antifa) along with souring on Black Lives Matter.

Concern with black crime and gun violence was one of the top three worries for 31% of Americans — the public’s leading fear, even ahead of COVID-19 (30%) .

The Anti-Defamation League’s crusade against imaginary white “domestic terrorists,” which the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have decided to surge an enormous chunk of law enforcement resources in service of, was only a concern for 14% of people surveyed. When broken down by demographics, blacks are more than two times more afraid of being killed by other blacks (43%) than they are of racially motivated white “terrorists” (17%).

The inconvenient data doesn’t end there. 73% of those polled hold a negative opinion of Antifa, in spite of non-stop propaganda since Trump’s election painting the anarchists as noble freedom fighters. Individuals surveyed on Black Lives Matter, an institutionally backed organization that white people lose their job for criticizing, was opposed by whites 51 to 48, a likely undercount.

On the question of racism and the media’s portrayal of it, 44% stated that claims of racism are exaggerated compared to 36%. 40% also said that the 2020 George Floyd protests were harmful to society compared to 35%, with the figures strongly polarized on racial grounds (50% of whites openly disagreed, while 21% claimed to have no opinion on this matter).

In the realm of anti-white racism, a cumulation of 33% among all races agreed with the statement that affirmative action is anti-white vs 32% who disagreed. 42% of whites overall felt this way.

As for institutional confidence, 65% of Americans agreed that the media does not look out for the best interests of every day people, while 71% agreed that the local police do protect them. Local cops had high approval ratings among non-white participants, with 86% expressing that they were doing a good job looking out for them.

The most surprising fact revealed in this survey is regarding law enforcement interactions. 83% of whites reported having been stopped or pulled over by the police compared to 70% of blacks, 54% of Hispanics, and 58% of Asians, suggesting that police are racially profiling white motorists.

In the end, it’s clear that Jewish media neurosis and messaging cannot undo the facts people see every day on the ground.