Gillette and the great replacement


Back in the good old days, and I mean that sincerely, the mere rumor or suggestion that a man might be a pillow-biter would have been enough to see him at serious risk of losing his job or being publicly ostracized. But we descended into Godlessness and the shirt lifters raised an army of professional bum botherers to advocate to demand change because they just wanted to be treated the same. But they didn’t want to be treated the same; they simply wanted to reverse the onus of social acceptability.

We are arriving at the point where being a traditional man and displaying traditional masculinity will be the same as if you were a bum bandit 60 years ago.

Paris Opera Ballet fires superstar dancer for anti-gay comments.

The Paris Opera Ballet has sacked ballet-dancing bad-boy Sergei Polunin from a production of ‘Swan Lake,’ after Polunin took to Instagram to apparently attack gay dancers.

Notice that he did not directly attack homosexuals. But he still got canned. If you want to know who your masters are, simply discover who you are not allowed to criticize.

The 29-year-old said, in an Instagram post last month:

“… To all men who is doing ballet there is already ballerina on stage don’t need to be two. Man should be a man and woman should be a woman, that’s the reason you got balls … ”

“Females now trying to take on the man role because you don’t f*ck them and because you are an embarrassment,” he continued. “Man are wolves, are lions. Man are the leaders of the family,” he added, saying that gay dancers “need a good slap.”

Polunin did not directly address the dancers’ sexuality, instead attacking “weak” men uninterested in their female co-stars.

Frankly I’m in some shock that there is a male ballet dancer out there who isn’t a fag.

Nevertheless, the Paris Opera Ballet dropped Polunin from its upcoming production of ‘Swan Lake,’ AFP reported. Artistic director Aurelie Dupont called Polunin a “talented artist,” but said his Instagram pontifications went against the company’s values.

The company’s values seem to involve publicly shaming and discriminating against any of its male dancers who aren’t willing to get with the program and suck each other off backstage. Heaven knows what they expect their audience to do during intermission. Here are what I presume their company values to be:

Being gay is good and wholesome. Being straight is problematic. Being straight and criticizing the good and wholesome homosexuals is not acceptable.

But it’s not just straight men in particular who are under attack, it is straight white men. They are the real enemy. They are the ones that must be purged, and our brown friends are the ones who are leading the purging. Today the big news all over the web is the new commercial from Gilette razors that seeks to shame men for their inherent toxic masculinity. Outrage has centered on the attack on men and the attempt to ride the coattails of the #Metoo movement to increase Gilette’s market share.

But that is the great red herring. What’s really going on here is the use of the umbrella of toxic masculinity to attack white men. Here is the spokesman for Gilette to explain the commercial:

“This is an important conversation happening, and as a company that encourages men to be their best, we to both address it and take action of our own,” said Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette brand director for North America, in an emailed statement. “We are taking a realistic look at what’s happening today, and aiming to inspire change by acknowledging that the old saying ‘boys will be boys’ is not an excuse.”

Pankaj Bhalla? That’s a somewhat foreign sounding name from someone who is supposed to be from North America. I suppose that if we were hearing from the Mumbai subcommittee on effluent management it would be perfectly natural for the committee chair to be called John Smith. Right?

Take a look at the commercial.

Did you see it? Watch it again but this time take note of the white men bad, brown and black men good syndrome. White man approaches a woman at a private party, black man intervenes to tell him that it’s “not okay.” White man approaches a woman on a street, magic black man steps out to tell him that’s “not cool.” An audience laughs at a live sit com apparently being nasty to women – they’re all white. Men are lined up cooking from their barbecues and being horribly toxic, they’re all white as well.

On and on it goes. Traditional white males are bad. You are a problem. If you don’t get with the program, if you don’t change your behavior to be what our betters consider to be acceptable, then perhaps something will have to be done. Perhaps you will have to be re-educated. Maybe we will have to set up some programs for you to follow, out in the country somewhere, safely behind some wire in order to keep you safe.

Do you think that this isn’t happening? Do you think that this idea is inconceivable? It would have been, if they hadn’t already flooded our countries with our brown replacements. Don’t get me wrong, whites are going to continue to stay on top. But that means the good white elites. They’re going to replace us and create a future vast lower class made up of obedient and subservient brown and black workers. The lower and middle class whites are too problematic. They tend to get uppity when the elites move too far and too fast. Look at the yellow vest protests in France, still ongoing, and now with the extra added feature of tear gas being fired from government helicopters to subdue them.

Elite whites are maneuvering to permanently install themselves as the only whites by eliminating white competition. One way they are doing this is by manipulating the traditional family unit so as to only allow them to benefit from the protection that it offers. Is Christian marriage only for elite women?

“So when we look down on unexceptional men as unworthy, we are implicitly looking down on the loser women who can’t do any better. But as Romans 12:10 reminds us, this isn’t a Christian way of looking at things. It also sets marriage up as something only for elite men and women. For if we take the non elite men out of the marriage market, who will their counterpart women marry?”

Hold that thought.

A vast population of browns and blacks, all conveniently subdivided into different castes, will supply the working grunt for their future white overlords. That is the plan. No nations, no borders, only a white elite and their slave classes below them.

But first they have to eliminate the white men. Either force them to be homosexuals and simply neuter them due to a lack of children, or get rid of them in other ways. And the white women? They’ll get with the program and mate with their brown betters.

That’s already going on as we speak. Look at just about every commercial that features a happy heterosexual couple – black man, white woman; the great replacement.

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