Does the ABC advocate white supremacy?


Originally published April 29, 2018.

Do white people have characteristic traits which help them succeed in things like business, winter sports and civilisation? If so, wouldn’t that make white people, you know, better?

Yay racism. Photo by Andre Charland

I don’t think that’s what Dan Caprar from the ABC meant to say, but that’s why we here at The XYZ love the expression “unintentionally hilarious“:

“Some leadership attributes, like being trustworthy or encouraging, are viewed the same way in all cultures, but there are other characteristics that only spell leadership to people of Anglo-Celtic backgrounds.”

My mouth is watering..

“This may present a problem for the 5.1 per cent of Australian senior business leaders who are neither European nor Anglo-Celtic background or for others who aren’t Anglo but want to climb the corporate ladder. Especially when an estimated 24 per cent of the Australian population come from non-European or Indigenous backgrounds.”

Cry me a river. Don’t you know, Dan, nothing will save you from the SJW mob. Also, given that as of 30 June 2016, 28.5% of Australian residents were born overseas, that 24 per cent estimate seems a little conservative.

“While we all know what leadership is (especially when we see it), our implicit theories of what constitutes good leadership shape both how we judge our leaders, and how we exercise leadership.”

War is Peace. There is no spoon.

Now to the meat. It’s juicy:

“They are also confirmed by in-depth, single country or region-focused investigations. For example, leadership in China has been described as being the combination of Chinese historical and philosophical traditions (for example, Confucianism and Daoism) and Western thinking.

“In Arabic countries like Morocco and Qatar leadership has been described as a “bridge between East and West” given Muslim, European and Ottoman Empire influences on people’s backgrounds.”

So leadership in foreign countries is to make friends with gringo. Because…

From imgflip.

“The GLOBE project revealed six types of leadership linked to culture: charismatic/value-based, team-oriented, participative, humane-oriented, autonomous and self-protective.

“For instance, those from Anglo backgrounds strongly endorse a charismatic/value-based leadership where leaders inspire, motivate, and expect high performance, while also valuing a team-oriented and participative approach. Being human oriented (or supportive) contributed somewhat to being seen as a good leader, while being self-protective (a focus on face-saving and status) detracted from it.

“In comparison, self-protection is not seen as negative in other cultures, such as southern Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, or Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Those from a Confucian Asia background (including China) stand out as rating participative leadership the lowest in desirable styles. Those of a Latin American background favoured team-orientation and rejected autonomous leaders.”

So leadership in the Anglo world involves inspiring and motivating those you lead to work hard, by presenting a set of values with which they strongly identify, and showing that you have the confidence and the ability to pull it off. Importantly, individual ego and concerns for the barbs which may be thrown one’s way are less important than achieving a goal which will benefit the group.

And this is where Dan Caprar runs into trouble. He concludes that we arrogant Westerners must embrace a wider understanding of what leadership is as our countries are flooded with more and more skilled migrants from Tanzania. Because multiculturalism means you can’t have your own culture, or even your own way of thinking any more. Give me your land, white man.

But in doing so he has openly defined the characteristics of white men which have allowed white men to build the most awesome civilisation in history. Dan Caprar and his ilk may be trying to undermine British civilisation by advocating for bringing in outsiders and learning to think like them, but he has accidentally, or accidentally-on-purpose, allowed the truth to slip between the lines.

That truth is that white men are indeed unique. We possess traits and characteristics which give us an advantage over others. Over time these advantages have become so pronounced that some of the people not blessed with them have become so jealous, that they have devised entire systems of thought in order to mitigate their own disadvantage and drag white men down to their level, if not eliminate their formidable opposition entirely.

These traits, these advantages, have been passed down to us from our ancestors by means of our race and our culture.

I wonder if Dan or one of the higher ups will be sent off for reeducation.

It’s /our/ ABC.