Western Australia Mandates Castration Because Covid

Yes, this guy is really the WA Premier.

Mark McGowan today has increased his efforts to fight the CoVid pandemic by making castration and mastectomies mandatory:

“Look this pandemic is unlike anything we’ve ever faced before. Omicron is now morphing into a new strain. So whilst we did a great job of putting people out of work who refused the booster shot and keeping ICU numbers down to just 10,000 double vaccinated people, we are now faced with the sucker variant.

”Our experts tell us that unless we achieve 93% transgenderism rates across the State dozens of people could get the sniffles. Because of this both castration and mastectomies will be made mandatory to remain in the workforce.”

As of Monday castration centres at Midland Bricks and other approved outlets will be removing testicles with two scientifically tested products known as “bottom brick” and “top brick”. Mastectomy centres on the other hand will be set up in the meat sections of Coles and Woolworths. Mr McGowan explained:

“Since Climate Change flooded the train line across the Nullarbor where no one can get in and verify if it’s really happened or not, and trucks have stopped crossing due to quarantine requirements, no goods have been getting into the State. Especially meat, which we don’t want you to eat anyway because of cow farts. So we have all of these butchers with nothing to do with their meat slicers. These can easily be repurposed to slice boobies. We’re all about jobs in WA”

When asked about people who were already transgender and if they would have to remove breasts they had just grown Mr McGowan explained:

“Look. It’s 2022. Everyone knows that breasts are sexist unless you’re a porn star and balls are part of the oppressive patriarchy. We all need to be the same if we are going to fight racism and sexism. You can identify as a woman or a man, but it’s no longer acceptable to look like either. This pandemic has given us a great opportunity to greatly reset our society in a more fair and equitable way”.

In a hideout just outside of Canberra Scott Morrison was asked for his response to this new measure by the WA State Premier:

“The convoy didn’t follow you here did they? Are you sure? Look I only have 1000 police protecting me mate, I can’t take any chances. They didn’t? Oh good, good. So to answer your question. The Liberal Government is all about freedom of choice and people have a choice. We are not forcing anyone to do anything. I stand with Mr McGowan on this. You can choose to have a job or you can choose to keep your sexual organs. You can’t get more freedom than that”.

It’s your XYZ.

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