FACT CHECK: Russian Tank which crushed car appears to be an accident


The following footage does look bad. The initial reaction from a commentator as reliable as Way of the World is in line with what you could expect from every normal person who is not a psychopath:

Here it is from another angle.

Incredibly, the driver survived.

However, it looks bad. It looks like a the driver of a Russian armoured vehicle deliberately swerved to crush a civilian car for no reason. Naturally, the globalist media is making good mileage of it.

Here’s the thing though. It’s not the full footage. This video starts just a few seconds earlier, and it gives the incident a whole different context.

The driver of the armoured vehicle quite clearly lost control because he went too fast around the bend. One can imagine that those things handle like, well, a tank. Thus the incident appears to be an accident. At worst you could say the driver was negligent.

UPDATE: Reports suggest that it is a mobile anti-aircraft missile platform, and it may even be Ukrainian, ie, it wasn’t a tank, it wasn’t deliberate and it wasn’t even Russian.

However, none of the three Lying Press outlets mentioned in this article (links here, here and here) showed the full footage. This is just another example of how the Lying Press lies to us about everything. They lie to us about small incidents such as this, and the broad narratives which form the foundation of the whole way we view the world.

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