War in Ukraine sets precedent for invasion of Australia


How’s that diversity working out for the Ukraine right about now?

Turns out that diversity is not Ukraine’s greatest strength, but a pretext for invasion. Not that XYZ News is taking sides in this conflict, one way or another. You’ve seen our leaders:

The fact of the matter is that Russia used the existence of ethnic Russians within the the borders of the Ukraine, and the need to protect them, as a primary reason for its invasion of the country.

It would be nice if a Western government actually launched a war explicitly in the name of protecting its own people. Our boys are always sent off to bring democracy to an ungrateful shithole so that we can flood the country with English translators for all the other refugees our wars created.

Anyway, analysts are correctly noting that aside from America’s timidity regarding aggression toward its purported ally and thus its reduced ability to deter future aggression, this sets a precedent for the Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The majority population of Taiwan is ethnic Chinese and the Chinese government claims the island as an integral part of its territory. It would no doubt cite the need to protect “its” own citizens, or at least those in favour of reunification, as a pretext for invasion.

This should raise alarm bells for Australian policy makers. Although China would not be able to use the “territorial integrity” argument in a pretext for invasion of Australia, it most certainly could use the “protection of its people” argument. It could probably get away with this now, given there are 1-2 million Chinese people living in Australia, most of whom are geographically confined to our two largest cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

In a decade or two this will undoubtedly be several million more; a multicultural America will undoubtedly be weaker, and Australia will look a lot more like South Africa does now.

This last factor would provide the protection pretext. Aussies are not going to target ethnic Chinese. They’re not particularly smelly and they make us noodles. However, as we import more of these guys:

And more of these guys:

The safety of all the other immigrant groups invited here to keep our economy on life support and replace native Anglo Aussies will diminish significantly.

Should the Chinese government invade, we would find out very quickly that all those “Chinese-Australians” are actually Chinese-Chinese.

Despite favouring immigrants over Heritage Australians at every opportunity, the Australian government would find out very quickly that “new Australians” will not enthusiastically lay down their lives to defend their country-shopped residence. Ditto for Heritage Australians, many of whom bear deep resentment for freedoms lost due to Covid Tyranny and the fact that our country is being practically given away. We hold great loyalty to our own people, but not to the Regime.

For Heritage Australians, invasion would not necessarily be a disaster. A foreign-controlled government openly dedicated to our extinction would be replaced by a foreign occupier openly dedicated to favouring ethnic Han Chinese. It could be indifferent to us. We may even be able to have our own families again. We’d just have to learn Chinese and receive a different kind of indoctrination at school.

If Australia falls it would be best to refrain from any political comment one way or another. Communist regimes have a habit of efficiently dispensing with useful idiots.

Finally, keep in mind that there is another significant Asian minority living in Australia, and although the army of their homeland is not as powerful as the Chinese, they have over a billion of their smelly compatriots to back them up.

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