Dictator Dan admits he’s a Dictator


“I made people do something they didn’t want to do.”

That’s basically what he said:

“We have had a few people out there recently talking about “you know, oh we got to 93%, isn’t that terrific?” Yes it is, it’s absolutely terrific. Then in the next breath, they talk about the fact that we don’t need mandates.

“Well, we got to 93% because Victorians did an amazing thing. But the government also mades some very difficult decisions, and made it mandatory for a whole bunch of Victorians in that 93% to go and not just to protect themselves but protect everybody.

“They’re not easy decisions, in fact they’ve been unpopular with some, but that’s the nature of leadership in a crisis. If you try and be popular, if you’re all out there playing politics every day, then things don’t go so well. The vaccinated economy works, getting vaccinated works.”

So Daniel Andrews is admitting that opposition to vaccine mandates does not come from a fringe minority of conspiracy theorists who tweet about flat earth and lizards from their Mums’ basements in Florida. Vaccine mandates are deeply unpopular, as demonstrated by the massive, relentless protests against them.

But he cares about us. That’s why he sent out his best troops to bash and pepper spray grandma. It was to save grandma.

That’s the nature of leadership in a crisis. It’s why guys like him and ScoMo will likely never be able to show their faces in public or even so much as walk into a pub ever again. They’re just so selfless.

It’s like when John Howard took away all our guns. It was unpopular, but he did it for our health.

Imagine how dangerous things would have been now, with all those single issue extremists out there who are not merely on the fringe, but by Andrews’ own admission, are right smack bang in the middle of mainstream political opinion in Australia – imagine if they had access to guns rather than compound bows.

You might counter that using excessive state force to implement a deeply unpopular policy to coerce an significant portion of a disarmed population under your jurisdiction into submitting to take a dangerous drug in order to keep their jobs, whilst simultaneously building gulags, are the actions of a dictator.

You’re wrong. Daniel Andrews is a hero.

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