Millions March Against Global Vaccine Mandates: Globalists Mandate Boosters

Melbourne, Saturday 18 December, 2021.

Let’s start this weekend’s protest wrap with a dash around Australia. First, we have Melbourne:




All up it’s hundreds of thousands nationwide. Again. These protests against vaccine mandates and Covid Tyranny are unprecedented in Australia’s history and they have been going on all year. The lifting of lockdown restrictions only increased the numbers.

Likewise, millions of people globally have protested against lockdowns and vaccine mandates all year. These videos are from this weekend alone, and I have only trawled a small portion of Rise Up Melbourne’s Twitter feed.









The Czech Republic:




All of the protests displayed here are occurring in democracies. We are told that a democracy is a system of government in which the people elect leaders to make decisions on their behalf. Unpopular and/or incompetent leaders are removed peacefully via election, thus it is the best form of government.

Accordingly, when hundreds of thousands of people march through the streets for a entire year against a set of policies, this should trigger a crisis as it indicates that a strong proportion of the population is passionately against not just government policy but the government itself. The media howls that the government must listen to the will of the people, and it is either forced to change its policy or to hold elections.

None of this has happened.


Instead, leaders the world over have doubled down. They are using the latest “new variant” scare to push for even heavier vaccination.

Again we see that this is occurring globally.

Not only are other countries mandating vaccines for workers:

They are mandating them merely to remain free:

It does not matter whether a government is supposedly “left” or “right”, whether it is led by a man or a woman, nor what part of the world it is in. Every single democratic government in the world is implementing exactly the same policies against the will of its people.

The globalist plan for a global government is not a conspiracy theory. We are living under One World Government right now, it’s just that they don’t openly call it that yet.

Moreover, democracy is not the solution to global tyranny. Democracy was the vehicle by which the globalists were able to instal this global tyranny. Elections are for show. Political parties pretend to disagree on issues unimportant to them while working in lockstep on what matters to their masters. The expansion of the debt supernova, the dilution of the races and the degeneration of Western culture is unrelenting regardless of which party is in power.

Instead of a King appointed by God, bound by fealty to the people he serves, we have faceless bureaucrats beholden to globalist institutions.

This process did not start in the last couple of decades. It did not begin after World War 2. It did not begin during World War 1. This process is not even centuries old. It goes back millennia and indeed to the dawn of time.

I have noted before that we have been deceived into believing that protests actually make a difference:

We have been conditioned to view public protest as a catalyst for change in government policy. In reality, public protests are a means of creating the illusion of public support for a policy change the government intends to push through.

This is what we mean when we refer to left-wing protests as “astroturfed”. They are organised and funded by the establishment to create the appearance of a broad consensus for Liberal Tyranny. They are the problem and the reaction pillars of their problem-reaction-solution strategy which drives the dialectic.

The protests of the French Revolution were just as astroturfed by Freemasons as the anti-Australia Day rallies of the current year. This is why footage of Poms breaking up a few barricades and protesting outside the Apple store are merely good starts.

Voting will not remove them. Protests will not remove them. Even removing the current mob will not remove…..them. To truly overthrow the Beast system we must turn centuries of historical lessons on its head.

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