Covid & The Great Reset: Final Solution to the Boomer Question


Boomers. As a generation they have been causing problems in society since they were teenagers. From the sexual revolution to rampant materialism, if there has been change in the Western world since the end of the Second World War, they were generally the generation that was changing it.

Boomers have saved their biggest disruption till last. Politicians, prompted by bankers, have been planning for the boomers final tantrum for decades. The Great Reset is a thing because boomers are the beginning and the end of the debt Ponzi scheme.

On August 15th 1971 US President “tricky Dicky” Nixon took the world off the Gold Standard. Globalist banksters had already printed 6 times more US dollars than there was Gold to back it up at this point, but from this day forth the crime of counterfeiting became official global policy.

It was also at this point that government puppet masters started to think and plan for the inevitable financial collapse that unrestrained fiat money printing loaned at interest would cause. The baby boomers’ retirements were decided upon.

By 1978 the US Government had passed legislation to allow and encourage people’s retirement savings to be placed in the stock market. 401K plans meant cash no longer had to be guaranteed in deposit account, but could be used to directly invest in businesses. That money could in turn be leveraged to borrow more fake fiat currency at interest, printed into existence from nothing. Nothing tangible to back it up other than the promise of future labour secured via people’s birth certificates.

In just over a decade every first world nation had changed from company and government savings based pension plans, to speculative private stock market based investor plans.

Now the boomers are starting to retire. For the last 40 year there have been more people putting money into the stock market than withdrawing it. Now the boomers, the largest demographic, are retiring and need cash. Their life expectancy is 20 years higher than the retirement age and their lifestyles are expensive.

What happens when more people take money out of the stock market than put money in? What happens when people fear losing their money when share prices begin to drop?

For the last two years Government policy, under the excuse of a fake virus have been deliberately implementing policies to exacerbate conditions for a global economic collapse. They have also been passing laws that allow for euthanasia, enacting policies that are designed to kill old people and pushing “vaccines” that will lower life expectancy and increase medical expenses for the elderly.

None of this is a coincidence. The Great Reset is a plan to mop up the world’s assets once the current debt Ponzi scheme collapses. The timing of that collapse has been planned to coincide with the boomer retirement that is the most natural trigger for it.

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