Canberra Convoy: Tomorrow’s gonna be HUGE



Thousands of ordinary Australians are currently in Canberra to protest against nationwide vaccine mandates, and thousands more are nearly there for a massive protest planned for tomorrow. This week they already protested at the doors of Federal Parliament and mobbed the Prime Minister’s car outside the National Press Gallery.

Aussies are getting agro.

The Australian Regime is creating revolutionary conditions. You cannot work in Australia without taking the poisonous vaccine. You cannot go to school in Australia without taking the poisonous vaccine.

People are running out of money, getting hungry and getting desperate. If they attempt to take their concerns directly to their leaders, they get kneed in the head by fully armed special forces.

Or pushed over in front of their children.

We thought we saw the end of police brutality in Australia when the Victorian lockdown ended, but the ACT Police were clearly jealous and wanted some of the action.

The violence with which the Australian Regime has reacted to the airing of legitimate political grievances is slowly but surely educating the Australian public on the true nature of Liberalism. The term “Liberal Democracy” was invented as a means of stringing along White people with high levels of innate empathy who want to believe that their politicians truly represent them.

In reality we live in a Liberal Tyranny. It has nothing to do with tolerance. You must celebrate diversity, anal sex, and “sex change” surgery for children. You must wear the mask, get the jab and eat the bugs.

Liberal Tyranny is a gang of “young global leaders” who were mentored by a maniac who runs an international NGO which has, in his own words, “penetrated” the cabinets of practically every government in the world.

Thus his operatives owe allegiance to him, not their constituents.

Liberal Tyranny is what happens when you question the policies of these operatives. They inform you that democracy by definition means the rule of the majority. Thus if you question their policies you are out of step with the majority of your fellow countrymen, and your opposition itself is by definition undemocratic, a danger to democracy, and thus you must be sidelined, unpersoned and imprisoned.

It’s genius, it’s inversion, projection, manipulation, satanic and gaslighting.

Otherwise known as lies.

So tomorrow is going to be huge. Ordinary Australians have driven from all over the country to vent their frustration at the federal government over vaccine mandates and the disruption of every aspect of our lives.

The Australian Regime has demonstrated it is prepared to use disproportionate force to maintain Liberal Tyranny. Sooner or later there is going to be a tipping point. The actions of both sides tomorrow could prove decisive.

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