What is the mentality of rulers whom, when asked in federal parliament if a military grade sound weapon was used against their own people, just laugh?

This, despite the fact that photographic evidence exists that an LRAD, (Long Range Acoustic Device) was deployed outside the front of Parliament House in Canberra on March 12, 2022, during the biggest protest Australia’s capital has ever seen, against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions.

Despite video evidence that an LRAD was deployed.

Despite people reporting bizarre symptoms which which may be consistent with the use of an LRAD.

Also from the week before.

It could just be heatstroke, but considering the photo and video evidence, this should at least be investigated.

Evidence also exists that this weapon has been deployed around Canberra, not just at Parliament House.

Furthermore, evidence exists which may confirm Pauline Hanson’s claim that security agencies are deliberately jamming the communication devices of peaceful protesters.

The Regime has been forced to give ground, admitting that LRAD’s were indeed used, but claiming that they were only used to broadcast warnings:

As thousands of anti-vax protesters descended on Canberra last weekend, police were out in force in the nation’s capital, with Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw noting that the lack of coordination among demonstrators provided a “challenge” for law enforcement.

The police, however, had an advantage: long-range acoustic devices (LRADs), which are used to transmit messages or alarms at high volumes and frequencies.

Photos and videos shared by protesters show the devices atop a police vehicle and in front of Parliament House. A spokesman for ACT Policing confirmed to Fact Check via email that LRADs were deployed during the protests.

But while the devices are known to cause harm (they are often referred to as non-lethal weapons), claims made by Canberra protesters that the use of the devices caused them to feel ill are likely incorrect.

In one video posted to YouTube, a high-profile anti-vaccine activist claims that police deployed “sonic low frequency weapons against peaceful protesters”, and that demonstrators were “copping the effects” of such devices.

“They’re deploying supersonic weapons,” the activist was filmed declaring to a crowd gathered outside Parliament House.

“That’s why you’re feeling a bit nauseous and sick. It’s a disgusting thing that the government is doing.”

The video implies that the ill effects caused by the LRADs were being felt by the crowd despite the devices being inaudible.

But James Parker, an associate professor at Melbourne University who is the director of a research program titled “Law, Sound and the International”, told Fact Check that’s not how LRADs work.

Dr Parker explained that the devices could be used in two ways: to issue voice commands or to emit “an incredibly high pitched and painful” alert tone capable of causing ear damage.

Asked whether the devices could be used to “attack” the protesters without being audible, Dr Parker replied: “I don’t think there’s any evidence whatsoever of the LRAD being used for secret, stealth, sub-audible attacks.”

He added that the most effective way to cause harm using sound was through high-pitched frequencies broadcast extremely loudly.

You know you’re onto something when the Lying Press is forced to unleash the fact checkers.

Note that when AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw was questioned on the subject by Senator Malcolm Roberts during a parliamentary committee hearing early this week, he looked very sheepish indeed.

Seriously guys, get me out of here.

The politicians in the House of Representatives may have tried to appear dismissive this time around, but one important factor is common to the response of both Kershaw, and the Speaker of the House, to whom UAP MP Craig Kelly’s question was directed:

Both men know that there are serious legal ramifications of answering in the affirmative or negative to the question of whether an LRAD was used against peaceful protesters in Canberra on 12/2/2022. Thus both declined to comment and promised to provide a response at a later date.

This should be the biggest news story in the country. Pressure must be maintained on the government and its security forces to provide more detail, as the cover story provided by the Lying Press just does not cut it.

Back to the question raised at the start of this article regarding the mentality of our rulers. Many of us have known for quite some time that Australia’s politicians serve foreign powers. If there can be a positive from the disaster they have inflicted upon our nation in the last two years, it is that this fact is becoming obvious to far more people.

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