Psychotic Vax Zombie Deliberately Crashes Into Freedom Protester’s Car


The truckie blockade in Canberra gets bigger and bigger and it is thrilling to watch. The photos and footage from the protests this weekend are spectacular.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are now in Canberra taking their outrage over vaccine mandates and Covid Tyranny directly to the federal government.

These are undoubtedly the biggest and most sustained protests Canberra has ever seen.

Scott Morrison may have been able to deflect criticism for the harm done by lockdowns, border closures, police brutality against peaceful protesters, vaccine mandates and the vaccines themselves onto the state premiers, but now it is well and truly his problem.

These protests are the Australian branch of protests and blockades which are now occurring in most White countries ruled by the Globohomo elite.

An incident occurred on the weekend which deserves unpacking. A Canberra local deliberately crashed her car into the car of a Freedom protester, insulted her, assaulted her, then rammed her car again only to nearly flip her own car.

Note the following:

  • The Freedom protester is clearly recording the number plate – CW 48 LY – of the local, yet the local claims she was reversed into, and her dashcam will prove it.

Aside from the initial crash and the filthy language, this raises serious red flags – she is trying to gaslight in real time.

  • The Canberra local calls the Freedom protester “you fucken bogan slut”.

Ironically this filthy language is used by a woman who sounds university educated.

  • “Get out of Canberra, get a job.”

A superiority complex, mixed with a projection of her own fear – many multi-vaxxed zombies secretly fear that the vaccines really are as dangerous as indicated by the increase in heart ailments and cases of AIDS, and that they have made an infernal bargain in order to keep their jobs.

  • “The media doesn’t care about you.”

Here she reveals a little too much. She understands that despite hundreds of thousands of ordinary Aussies besieging Canberra, the Lying Press appears obsessed with daily case numbers, a game of he-said-she-said between the Prime Minister and Grace Tame, and a hypothetical war with Russia. Rather than buying the media narrative, the Canberra local indicates that she understands the manipulation at play, and believes she can get away with whatever she wants because she knows the Lying Press will never railroad her.

  • The Canberra local assaults the Freedom protester again, then says “Did you see that?” The Freedom protester calls her “a maniac”, to which she responds, “Yeah I am, so get the fuck out of Canberra because there are a lot of us.”

Brazen assault, gaslighting in real time, air of superiority, and an open threat of more violence by multiple people. One might even describe this incident as terrorism on behalf of the Canberra local, given its clear political overtones.

  • The Canberra local then rams the Freedom protester’s car but nearly flips her own in the process, ending up stuck on top of the front left hand side of the Freedom protester’s car.

Instant divine justice.

In a follow up video, she stole the flags off the Freedom protester’s car and assaulted onlookers with the flags, while struggling to keep her pants up at her waist.

She has been identified as Chantal-Jasmine Fox, a degenerate InstaTHOT.

She has been labelled the “Canberra Karen”, and naturally, she is deluded enough to think that she can benefit from the publicity.

Despite using her car as a potentially deadly weapon, stealing property and assault, ie armed robbery, she got away with a slap on the wrist.

So, what just happened here? This guy sums it up perfectly:

“The locals have got the shits, walking past all the protesters with their hands in their ears and scowling looks.

“Sorry, but y’know, a lot of things have happened to people in this country. The reaction from our bureaucratic ruling class has been “suck shit”.

“So if you want people to not honk at you so much maybe you should give them something better than a “suck shit” when they lose their business or their child dies when they can’t get treatment.”

Australia is for all intents and purposes a communist system and it operates as described by George Orwell in 1984. Members of the political and institutional elite, the Inner Party, live like kings. The Outer Party, ie those who work in the bureaucracy, law enforcement and the legal profession, the Lying Press and academia, live comfortable, middle class lives wih secure incomes, all the while convinced they are good socialists.

Last comes everybody else, you and me, the proles, the serfs, ordinary Aussies, the “fucken bogans” who don’t get exemptions and who suffer the most when the government locks down the entire country under the pretext of the sniffles.

It goes without saying that Covid cultists are scared. They know they’re outnumbered, they see us mobilising, interaction between the classes is increasingly antagonistic, and they know people will remain peaceful for only so long while the political elite continues to ignore their demands.

The divide between us and them is real and it is obvious. I use the language of “us and them” very deliberately, because the leaders of the Freedom Movement maintain the message that they are fighting medical “apartheid”, that they are against the division the government is creating in society.

In doing so they maintain the artificial fissures which Globohomo deliberately created in Western society in order to weaken us in preparation for the Covid scam. The most obvious example of this is that despite the crowds at Freedom rallies being overwhelmingly White, they display multiple aboriginal and rainbow flags, plus the flags of the nations from which their parents or grandparents migrated.

The identity of Old Australia is almost forgotten, an Anglo Saxon Celtic nation united under God. It is perfectly reasonable for us to identify as White, Christian Australians who never asked for mass replacement immigration, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and who abhor degeneracy.

As Adam Piggott has demonstrated, division is perfectly reasonable in order to determine who is on our side and who is our enemy. Especially when our enemy makes it abundantly clear that they are our enemy.

Like this bitch.

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