Globalism is a Death Cult


Not many people today have any knowledge of the Albigensianism heresy, also known as Catharism. It flourished between the 12th and 14th centuries in the region between Southern France and Northern Italy. Albigensianism was based on a belief in two gods – an evil god who was the god of material things, and a good god who reigned over the spiritual realm.

As a result, all things material were considered evil, and only the spiritual was good. What this translated into was a death cult that encouraged people to commit suicide and to starve their children to death.

Cathars also rejected marriage. Their theology was based principally on the belief that the physical world, including the flesh, was irredeemably evil—as it stemmed from the evil principle or “demiurge”. Therefore, reproduction was viewed by them as a moral evil to be avoided—as it continued the chain of reincarnation and suffering in the material world. It was claimed by their opponents that, given this loathing for procreation, they generally resorted to sodomy. Such was the situation that a charge of heresy leveled against a suspected Cathar was usually dismissed if the accused could show he was legally married.

Death cults don’t get sold as death cults. They emerge under auspices of social pressure and conformity, to be seen to be doing good as opposed to being good. The trick that ensnares people is the lie that if you are doing good then you will by default be good. The opportunities to do good are rigidly defined by those leading the death cult, whether they be open leaders or in the shadows.

This is attractive to lazy people who want an easy path to social acceptance. By conforming to the rules of the cult, they are elevated in the eyes of the community. This is particularly ironic in the case of the Albigensianism heresy which was supposedly based on a rejection of the material world.

The Church rightly condemned the cult and even fought a crusade against its followers in Europe. The cult was destroyed as a result. Deus vult!

Could such a death cult arise in the world of today? In our modern and sophisticated world? We might accept that it could arise on the edges of society in some far corner of the world. But what if it was right in the middle of our Western nations? And pushed and promoted by governments and NGOs? Care of the fine folks at Catallaxy Files, we have this:

It is not just the Germans that are being ensnared by the latest death cult in human history. This is being pushed across the developed world by the un-elected and unaccountable globalists in our midst. Having babies is bad for the climate. They want us sterile and alone, to die off in a globalist funded nursing home that can suck away our last dollar while profiting off our demise.

Over time, death cults always turn up the notch on the volume. So today women are being pressured into not having babies. Tomorrow they could be pressured to kill their own babies. That is what happened during the Albigensianism heresy – parents deliberately starved to death their own children. Which was considered to be socially acceptable.

Doing good in the eyes of monsters.

Globalism is only the latest reincarnation of ancient cults of evil. The difference today is that the Church, which previously defeated so many of these heresies, is now firmly ensnared in its grip. A willing participant in its crimes against humanity. We must fervently pray for the rise of a new Holy Crusade against the evil cult of Globalism. Keep this fact firmly in your mind – Globalism is a cult, a death cult. It will only be defeated if we end it.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.