How can we achieve our freedom?

Canberra, 12/2/2022.

Reader Kapios commented on my piece titled, Globalism is a Death Cult.

Considering any of the big ‘narratives’ in history such as the ones you mentioned, were any of them stopped before they did any considerable damage?

It seems like they go through until governments can no longer borrow money and people stock up on ammo and pick up the torches and pitchforks.

Shouldn’t we focus on protecting ourselves and our loved ones (at least the ones who want to be saved)?

I know it sounds selfish, but what else can you do when the lemmings fall off the cliff despite all the loud and clear warnings.

Yes, you can focus on protecting you and yours. But you can also focus on contributing to the defeat of the latest heresy to strike the world. A heresy, if we are to be sincere, we deserve with our two hundred year embrace of modernism in all its forms.

You may presume that the best way to fight this latest heresy is to go out and start kicking butt in some manner. That would be the material reaction to what avails us. We are very much habituated to responding within the material world, which is why we are in this mess to begin with.

We need the spiritual response, dear brothers in arms.

You may recoil from such a pronouncement. You may consider prayer to be an anachronism, or even something invented and thus not true. I ask you, how well is your physical and material world faring right now? Are you going to keep on believing in your science? The evidence is all around you if you care to look. But so very many of those with eyes cannot see.

Prayer has worked so very many times in the past. For a recent example, in 1964 Brazil sat upon the precipice of takeover by Communist hard line insurgents. The archbishop of Rio de Janeiro drove the good Catholics of Brazil to employ the power of prayer through the Rosary against the godless Communists. 600,000 marched through the streets of Rio praying the Rosary. Two weeks later and the Communists were gone. And without a shot being fired.

Over a million people gathered in the Australian capital last weekend. Can you imagine what the result would have been if they had dedicated themselves to the Rosary in this way? Would such a powerful message have been so easily discarded as those in charge have so easily dismissed so many protests? I think not. I think that the result would have been far different.

We try and defeat the modernists while basking in our embrace of modernism. We want to have our cake and eat it too. We want all of the putrid freedoms of modernity without any of that pesky government overreach. In short, we are very much deserving of our circumstances. And we will not escape from them while we remain apostate.

Father Z posits that idolatry is to blame for our current woes.

Modernists reduce the supernatural to the natural. That is [sic} the essence of their deviation from God.

We remain in our deviation from God while seeking to free ourselves from the yoke of our Modernist masters. But our issue is not Modernism itself but rather the heavy handedness of its proponents. Father Z quotes from Eric Sammons who is convinced that pure pagan idolatry opened our present Pandora’s Box.

However, what I believe is the root cause will most likely remain hidden: Pachamama.

You read that correctly: I believe that the Covid pandemic and the horrific response to it were directly caused by the veneration of this pagan idol in the Vatican by prelates, priests, and lay people. In October 2019 a false idol was set up in the heart of the Catholic Church, and soon after all hell broke loose on earth.

You can scoff. You can roll your eyes. You can bleat about idiots who believe in the God in the sky. And you can remain ensnared in your prison of your own making. Worshiping your golden calves in whatever form they take.

We are godless heathens who demand freedom from our oppressors. But the freedom is within your hearts. It is right there with you. And yet you all ignore it. And you march and you march; and you wave your many different Modernist flags; and you honk your horns; and yet when the state forces move against you, you are easily dispersed. Because you are hollow men. You have no spiritual heart. You think that you are deserving of your worldly freedom while you do not even dismiss your spiritual responsibilities; they simply do not even enter into the equation. The very idea is anathema.

I wrote about this last year during the Melbourne demonstrations – what if one Catholic priest, just a single priest, had stood at the head of the crowd dressed in his cassock and holding aloft the sacred and Holy Cross? But there was no priest to be seen because we suffer the priests that we deserve.

So, men of the West – do not rely on your leaderless priests. Rely instead on God Almighty. Recite the Rosary every day. Recite the Rosary in groups. Recite the Rosary at the head of your next demonstration. Gather more to you. Lead by example. Suffer not those who condemn. Make them hear you. But most of all, make God hear us.

For that is the outcome which we most desperately need.

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