Daniel Andrews is an expert at shifting the goalposts, As noted by XYZ News, whatever stage of the so-called “vaccine rollout” we’re up to, he is always nudging the narrative in order to normalise the next round of boosters.

In this latest footage, Andrews lets the idea of a fifth booster accidentally on purpose slip from his tongue:

Wait, that’s not it. Here we go.

Do you want your mind to explode? Then watch this ⬇️

ps…jabs 4 and 5 are on the cards – he owns your bodies now.

It’s “mandatory” to listen to unelected, government paid” experts.

— ValGlass2.0 (@AussieVal10) January 30, 2022

“You know what’s mandatory? Following the advice of experts….I’ll follow the advice of experts, and I think we’re very close to a situation where the relevant federal bodies will determine that three doses is what’s considered fully protected. As for fourth and fifth, let’s wait and see how this goes. Being vaccinated saves lives.”

Vaccines are forever. You can’t comply your way out of this. Once you get on the vaccine train they are just going to make you keep taking them. Forever.

You know the drill.

What I find interesting is how the policies of governments are diverging. Great Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands and Denmark have lifted most Covid restrictions, yet Austria and Canada are not merely mandating vaccines, but proposing fines and jail time for the unvaccinated.

Meanwhile, supposed “conspiracy theories” have suddenly become palatable for the Lying Press, for example questioning whether the vaccines are meant to be taken multiple times a year for the rest of people’s lives, and whether positive Covid cases in hospital are people who were hospitalised with Covid or who went to hospital for another reason and tested positive to Covid.

Computing Forever has noticed this too.

There are several schools of thought on the matter, one being that the globalists are getting scared and are trying to cover their asses. Much mirth has been had at the expense of a very good cartoonist on this matter. Basically, you simply can’t get around graphs such as the following:

(Assuming Covid is even real and PCR tests prove anything) Covid rates are skyrocketing despite multiple rounds of vaccination.

Another school argues that those in charge of this wouldn’t have started it unless they were confident to pull it off, and they are not backing down at all – why would they? They’re basically winning – whilst claims of a 90% double vaxxed rate are undoubtedly exaggerated, they would have done many tests, analyses and experiments prior. They got away with 911 after all. They’ve got the media and by extension they’ve got the vast majority of Western governments doing as they please.

I go with the school of thought which essentially says they’re both right. As proposed by Computing Forever, We may see a two steps forward, one step back approach, in combination with a pivot. Pronouncements by the likes of Daniel Andrews are meant to alarm people. The vaccinated are supposed to get angry and insist that the prospect of four vaccines a year, forever, is unreasonable. Governments can then pull back and insist on one annual vaccine, and the sheep who took the vaccines in the first place will feel as though they have had a victory.

Meanwhile, the globalists are pivoting to focus alarm on the energy crisis which they engineered through a combination of the disruption to the global supply chain by two years of Covid lockdowns, insane environmental policies and the deliberate provocation of Russia.

The rulers of this world believe they have made sufficient progress toward a “digital transition”, ie turning the West into one giant surveillance state, and can now reduce our standard of living via an “energy transition”.

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