Ukraine Crisis is about ENERGY, but not the way you think


Reports indicate that Russia has massed about 100,000 troops near the border of the Ukraine and is engaging in military exercises as cover for a potential invasion.

The reason I am somewhat certain that the possibility of an escalation of the war between Russia and the Ukraine is not fake news is that commentators not beholden to the West’s Lying Press are not disputing this, but simply pointing out the hypocrisy of their own Western governments.

I take no side in this matter. I don’t want to see another brother war, although I am aware of the opportunities which chaos can bring.

When the Cold War ended, Russia received a guarantee that the Ukraine would never become a member of NATO. NATO now appears determined to make the Ukraine a member, and Russia is demonstrating its willingness to use force to prevent this.

Multiple European counties have deployed troops, numbering usually in the hundreds, and small air detachments to bolster the defences of Eastern European countries, with some military assistance provided to the Ukraine. These forces could simply be the tripwire, and America could as usual be expected to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, however the (official) numbers don’t really add up. NATO appears outnumbered.

Here’s where it gets weird.

America has threatened “dire consequences” for Russia should it invade the Ukraine, however this merely means economic sanctions. Given that Europe relies on Russia for a significant proportion of its energy in the form of natural gas, Europe will be the side which suffers most in the short term. Logistical planning is already underway to make up any shortfall, and Australia has already committed to play its part in upping exports of LNG.

So a bizarre situation exists where Russia appears willing to use force but NATO only appears prepared to use economic sanctions, which could in turn cripple Europe’s energy sector. Russia appears to be calling NATO’s bluff, both sides appear to know this, and have planned for contingencies accordingly.

It’s as though the Ukraine has already been ceded. It feels choreographed.

Here’s where it gets really weird.

There has been no freak out over the potential of nuclear war. The Cold War was dominated by an obsession with nuclear annihilation, particularly amongst the left wing of politics, the media, and the arts (particularly film). I have seen nothing of the sort in 2022. It’s as though ever since the sniffles and climate change became fake existential threats, everybody forgot that America and Russia have about 16,000 nuclear warheads each and the means with which to deliver them.

I actually saw this meme posted unironically by a Marxist.

It’s all they care about now. Thus while the Lying Press appears happy to drive hysteria about war with Russia in winter, it has not whipped up any hysteria of a potential nuclear war.

Considering the following factors:

  • Relatively small troop deployments which appear designed to bolster the defences primarily of Eastern Europe rather than the Ukraine.
  • Russia is prepared to use force, NATO only sanctions.
  • The Lying Press is not freaking out about nuclear war.

I reaffirm my statement that it all seems a little choreographed.

Now consider that the reason Europe is so reliant upon Russian gas is because it has deliberately crippled its own energy infrastructure in the name of mitigating so-called “climate change”. Rather than invest in nuclear energy or conduct research into the experiments of Nicolai Tesla, Western cultural Marxist decision makers have wasted billions on those awful windmills.

These insane environmental policies have been compounded by insane Covid restrictions and the corresponding disruptions to the global supply chain, in order to engineer an energy crisis even without the potential loss of supplies from Russia.

Consider the recent footage from the World Economic Forum of Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison being congratulated for his efforts in driving Australia’s “digital transition” and his commitment to Australia’s “energy transition”.

These are code for turning Australia into a digital prison and police surveillance state under the pretext of a fake pandemic, and crippling Australia’s industrial and energy sectors under the pretext of fake climate change. The WEF intends for these so-called “transitions” to be implemented firstly in the West, then globally.

I never bought the “blood for oil” thesis ascribed to Iraq Wars I and II. However, what I am suggesting here is the inverse.

It is possible that globohomo Western leaders, beholden to the WEF, Freemasons and jewish finance are deliberately provoking Russia in order to exacerbate the energy crisis. The motive is to impose totalitarian controls over electricity consumption by ordinary people and small business, using the same model of totalitarian control regarding lockdowns, vaccine mandates and digital surveillance.

Western leaders, ie leaders of White countries with native European ethnicities, do not have the interests of their people at heart. They are deliberately replacing us via mass immigration. They care only for the interests of their masters and those in their exclusive club. They have already devastated our economies in lockstep with the demands of the WEF and multinational pharmaceutical corporations. What do they care if Europeans freeze?

All they care about is creating their utopia and having lots of buttsex along the way.

I will leave you with one last thought, courtesy of a long article by Roosh V. He covers many topics, but the relevant idea is this:

A real war is a big risk for the global elite, as it could easily blow up in their faces. However, if you’re able to fake a global pandemic using mass media manipulation, why not try to fake World War III?

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