Third World: Transplants Denied to Unvaccinated in Queensland

She thinks it’s funny.

A good rule of thumb I learned the hard way, even before Covid, is that any time I think “no, they wouldn’t do that, surely, that would just be plain evil”, you can guarantee that not only do they intend to do it, they have the next five steps planned as well:

People hoping to receive an organ transplant in Queensland may be denied the potentially life-saving procedure if they refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Queensland Health has confirmed patients have “a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung or heart transplant”.

The mandate has been put in place because those who undergo such an operation have weakened immune systems, the authority said.

“Queensland follows national and international practices regarding transplantation and vaccination protocols,” Queensland Health said in a statement.

“The safety and wellbeing of all our patients is our number one priority.

“A recipient is highly immunosuppressed post-transplant, which is why it’s incredibly important for the person to be vaccinated prior to transplant. Queensland Health prioritises safety before, during and after a transplant.

“That is why the Queensland Kidney Transplant Service has endorsed a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung or heart transplant.

“Prior to transplant and as per normal process, the recipient must ensure all of their vaccinations are up to date.

“The COVID-19 vaccination is no different.”

This is murder.

The truth is, you are more likely to get sick or die from an adverse reaction to a Covid vaccine than you are to catch Covid or die with Covid if you are unvaccinated. Australia’s hospitals are currently being overwhelmed with patients suffering adverse reactions to Covid vaccines, and state governments are refusing to provide data on the true scale of the health crisis they are causing.

Recently, this tweet by Caldron Pool covering official data to expose this very fact was censored by Twitter:

Even before Covid, Australia’s health system was under strain from increased demand due to the mass immigration of about half a million people each year. Measures taken to plug the gaps meant that us Real Aussies were less likely to be treated by our own people when we needed care.

It looked like the third world.

Now if you require life saving surgery you are required to take a life threatening drug. Thus the key to not dying in Australia is to not get sick. Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to fall into the hands of the health system.

It’s official. Australia now has a third world health system.

UPDATE: Pureblood visitors to hospitals in South Australia will now have to wear full PPE. They are rolling out different policies to see what works and to give the impression that it isn’t all coordinated.

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