Sucked In: Vaxxed to pay more for coffee


The Covid Regime is trying its darndest to make life hard for us purebloods, limiting our employment opportunities and blocking our entry into cafes, pubs and restaurants. Being segregated from these trappings of late-stage modernity is a small price to pay for a healthy body and soul. Plus, the government gives you free money. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, the suckers who got vaxxed so they could keep their jobs and pay too much money for medium quality coffee in venues that deliberately buy cheap furniture to appear grungy are set to get even less bang for their buck:

Your morning coffee or the next cocktail on a night out could be about to cost you more, thanks to some lingering effects of the pandemic.

Some businesses have already introduced price hikes due to the rising costs of goods, combined with businesses struggling to find staff because of ongoing border issues.

But it is expected to get worse and more widespread soon.

Restaurant and Catering Industry Association chief executive Wes Lambert said people could pay up to 20 per cent more than what they have in the past.

“Consumers will need to prepare their wallets for increased menu prices into 2022,” he said.

“It certainly is a continued covered hangover for the industry.”

If you comply, you get what you deserve.

This is just one more externality, otherwise known as a consequence, of the manmade supply crisis hitting the energy sector, importers and growers as a result of unnecessary Covid restrictions and insane environmental policies. The proles the world over will pay more for food, electricity and fuel as the elites artificially strengthen their case for the Great Reset.

Here’s a White Pill. There is an interesting hint, in this unnamed Lying Press blog post from which XYZ News is shamelessly cutting and pasting without attribution, that the vaccination rates in Australia are far lower than what state governments are telling us:

Pre-COVID, Mr Saulwick said the Bread Social often found bakers and pastry chefs by word of mouth, but the pandemic had changed the hiring process.

He said he published a baking position on a job advertising website and thought something was wrong when he only had two people respond, both living overseas.

“I actually went and rechecked to make sure I put in the correct contact details because we just weren’t seeing anything coming through,” he said.

The Restaurant and Catering Industry Association estimates there are about 100,000 jobs that are currently vacant.

The business is also looking for staff to operate its new store that will open on the Gold Coast soon.

For some of the positions, the wages are about 15 per cent higher than usual.

The wages on offer are up to 15 per cent more than usual on most of the positions because staff are in short supply.

The 2020-21 shutdown inflicted the greatest economic shock on Australians since the Great Depression. Millions were out of work and presumably still are. Yet hospitality venues cannot fill vacancies. They’re trying to blame this on border closures but they cannot get around the fact that the jobs on offer require vaccination.

This matches the pattern in Australia’s healthcare sector and key industries. Thousands of people are quitting or being fired because we refuse to get vaccinated.

This will hit economy hard. The government is lying through its teeth about vaccination rates in order to trick people into giving up and getting vaccinated. If we stay strong we can outlast them.

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