NO MORE LOCKDOWNS: Scott Morrison makes a promise he cannot keep


Scott Morrison has promised Australians that we will not return to lockdowns as he tries to convince Liberal voters to give him another chance after he completely sold them out on “climate change”, and allowed state premiers to mandate Covid vaccines after he promised the vaccine would not be mandated:

“Recovery, renewal, it’s everywhere to see here: you see it on the smiles of the faces of small business people, their doors open serving customers as they pull the shutters in the morning on their deli or their newsagent or their coffee shop,” he said,

“You see it in the hugs at the airports as families reunite across geographies, across generations; you see it in the really simple of pleasures – friends just catching up, having a beer, going to restaurants, strolling around the shops, getting a haircut.

“It must never be taken from us again, and that is why I put the national plan together, a plan based on the best possible medical science and the best economics to ensure we open safely and stay safely open.

“We’re not going back, Australians have kept their side of this deal by getting vaccinated, governments right across the country must keep theirs and return to Australians their freedoms.”

We don’t believe you ScoMo. Here’s why.

From Summit News:

Despite vaccine passport schemes and high vaccination rates in many of the countries affected, COVID cases across Europe are surging once again.

New coronavirus cases in Germany topped the 50,000 mark for the first time, with authorities pushing for the imposition of more restrictions on top of the ones that haven’t worked.

As Will Jones writes, “A late autumn surge in reported Covid infections is underway in Europe, with spikes in Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Norway, and the possible beginnings of one in France, Portugal and Italy. This is despite high vaccine coverage and the heavy use of vaccine passports in most of these countries including Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.”

Jones notes that there is no new variant of the virus causing the spike and that virtually all of these countries already experienced a surge due to the delta variant.

This matches the trend in Singapore, which is also highly “vaccinated” yet is experiencing a spike in apparent cases. Data indicates that you are more likely to have an adverse reaction or die from a Covid vaccine than you are to catch Covid or die with Covid if you are unvaccinated. Thousands of healthcare workers are resigning or being fired for refusing to take the vaccine, after they have witnessed the shocking adverse reactions overwhelming Australia’s hospitals.

The vaccine is the virus. The Covid Regime will never admit this, instead they will claim another Covid spike is occurring and blame the unvaccinated. Or they will just list gunshot victims as Covid casualties.

Whatever it takes.

Of course there will be more lockdowns, or they will at the very least relabel lockdowns as “lockouts” of the unvaccinated, and pin the blame for mandatory outdoor mask wearing on us purebloods.

Scott Morrison’s promise of no more lockdowns is a promise he cannot keep. We can quibble over whether that is explicitly what he promised if we really want to dissect his wording, but his messaging is very clear. He knows he cannot keep it and he doesn’t have any intention of keeping it. It is just lies on top of more lies.

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