Bob Carr wants to deny free healthcare to the unvaccinated


Singapore did it so we should too. That is literally Bob Carr’s entire logic:

Former New South Wales premier Bob Carr has called on the government to follow Singapore’s decision to discontinue free COVID-19 treatment for unvaccinated patients.

On Monday the Singaporean government announced from December 8, residents who were not double jabbed, would have to pay for their medical bills if they contracted the highly infectious virus while the fully vaccinated would be reimbursed.

Mr Carr said it was time Australians and residents who chose to not be protected to be forced to “pay for your wilful stupidity”.

Singapore is a city state comprising three distinct ethnic groups. Australia is a continent and and houses literally every single ethnic group on the planet, in addition to every single known gender in the galaxy. Basically the only two things we have in common with Singapore are skyscrapers full of Asians and an authoritarian system of government.

Apparently that means we should copy their Covid policy word for word:

This kindergarten level of comparative politics is all the rage these days. The Australian government has obviously examined the Soviet regime’s policies of mass slaughter, engineered famine, show-trials and imprisonment of political prisoners and decided it should give it a crack.

Eat ze bugs.

The next day Mr Carr doubled down on his comments slamming the “pig-headed view” to refuse vaccination, calling it a “violation of the rights” of those who were vaccinated.

“Here’s the deal: For many this virus will be a death sentence,” he wrote on Twitter.

“A pig-headed view that one has the perfect right to be unvaccinated without medical justification is a violation (potentially fatal) of the rights of others to life and health.

“This should be enforced as we enforce smoke-free work environments or no driving while drunk.”

Definitions are important here. According to America’s CDC, you are only classified as “vaccinated” two weeks after your second jab. As boosters are normalised, this definition of “vaccinated” will artificially evolve. You’re only ever one booster away from being classified as unvaccinated.

The XYZ has reported on the Victorian government’s lack of transparency regarding how many Covid patients and deaths have had no jabs, one jab or two. At first it used vague language to convey the impression that most Covid patients were unvaccinated when in fact their choice of words could actually mean the opposite. Now the Victorian government simply refuses to provide this breakdown.

This makes us suspicious of reporting on Singapore’s outbreak. It has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, yet they are trying to pin the spike on the unvaccinated:

In Singapore the decision to discontinue free healthcare for unvaccinated COVID-19 patients came as the government noted those who had not received a coronavirus vaccine made up a “sizable majority” of those receiving treatment in intensive care.

“Currently, unvaccinated persons make up a sizable majority of those who require intensive inpatient care and disproportionately contribute to the strain on our healthcare resources,” the Ministry of Health wrote in a statement on Monday.

Singaporean health authorities found the number of unvaccinated patients who received intensive care treatment was more than 10 times per 100,000 of those who were fully vaccinated.

This Narrative pushed by globalist elites and the Lying Press completely contradicts the data. You are actually more likely to have an adverse reaction or die from a Covid vaccine than you are to catch Covid or die with Covid if you are unvaccinated. Aussie nurses attest that Australian hospitals are being overwhelmed with people experiencing adverse reactions to the vaccines. If Singapore’s government is being as shifty with its definition of “unvaccinated” as the Victorian government, then it is entirely possible that it is experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated.

If Bob Carr gets taken seriously in Australia, the following scenario is entirely plausible:

  • An Australian gets double vaccinated.
  • Suffers adverse reactions to the vaccine.
  • Boosters become mandatory.
  • The double jabbed are no longer classified as vaccinated.
  • The double jabbed Aussie who suffered adverse reactions refuses the booster.
  • Adverse reactions to the first two doses continue, so they present at hospital.
  • They are required to take a Covid test, which reads positive.
  • Their adverse reaction is mislabelled as a case of the new Covid variant.
  • As they are no longer officially “vaccinated”, they are charged for their treatment, and this money is demanded up front.
  • They get treated for Covid rather than the adverse reaction.
  • They die.
  • A smug Australian politician lectures about the latest pigheaded “booster refuser” who died of Covid and uses it to coerce other Australians into taking the poison.

I must say I am feeling better and better about remaining a pureblood by the day.

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