VACCINES MORE DANGEROUS THAN COVID: Officials caught admitting this claim they “misspoke”


A pandemic of incompetent public speakers is currently plaguing Australia. Coercive mass vaccination is public policy policy goal number one, but strangely, officials keep mixing up the word “vaccinated” with “unvaccinated”.

These purported gaffs fuel the dangerous conspiracy theory on the fringes of the internet that we are in a pandemic of the vaccinated.

An earnest “fact checker” reported on footage from July 2021, when NSW Director of Health Protection Jeremy McAnulty admitted that all but one person hospitalised for Covid in the state was vaccinated. Dr McAnulty announces that 141 people were in hospital with COVID-19 and 43 of those in ICU. He provided a breakdown of the patients’ ages before saying:

“All but one are vaccinated. One person had just received one dose of vaccine”

Too many people saw this footage so about half an hour later in the same press conference, Dr McAnulty was dutifully asked by a reporter to clarify “out loud” the breakdown of vaccinated vs unvaccinated. He stated sheepishly that of the 43 people in ICU, 42 had not been vaccinated. You can view the “correction” from the 36 minute mark here.

We all make mistakes, right?

Given the relentless repetition of the message that Covid can affect anybody of any age, it is curious that when it comes to the entire point of this message – you must get vaccinated – such an important official would make such a crucial error.

He’s not alone though. In this video from late September, Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley stated:

“Of the people who were in hospital yesterday, 78 per cent were vaccinated, and 17 were partially vaccinated.”

So he said 95% of people hospitalised for Covid in Victoria were vaccinated. Enter the “fact checkers”:

“A spokeswoman for Mr Foley confirmed to Fact Check, however, that 78 per cent of those in hospital were unvaccinated, while 17 per cent had received just one dose. That means a mere 5 per cent of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Victoria were double-jabbed.”

That’s two senior public officials within a couple of months confusing the word “vaccinated” for “unvaccinated”, at a time when 70% to 80% vaccination rates are being set as the target at which states can reopen from lockdown.

These are big stuff ups. Or are they?

Yesterday a NSW official gave details on the breakdown of the 10 reported deaths with Covid. 3 of those who died were unvaccinated, 3 had two doses of a Covid vaccine and 4 had a single dose. So 70% of people who died with Covid had been given at least one shot.

How long before it turns out she misspoke?

What this looks like is that public officials are indeed telling the truth in their press conferences: more people are hospitalised and/or dying with Covid who have been vaccinated than unvaccinated.

The data actually bears this out. You are more likely to have an adverse reaction or die from a Covid “vaccine” than you are to get sick or die with Covid while invaccinated.

Whenever they are forced to admit this they hope it will go unnoticed. When the inconvenient truth goes viral, public officials simply lie, claim they “misspoke” and invert the figures.

It’s protocol.

They are pulling exactly the same stunt in Great Britain:

In a July 19 press conference, the U.K.’s chief science adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, incorrectly said, “around 60% of the people being admitted to hospitals with COVID have been double vaccinated.”

Vallance corrected himself later that day, tweeting: “About 60% of hospitalisations from covid are not from double vaccinated people,” Vallance wrote. “Rather 60% of hospitalisations from covid are currently from unvaccinated people.”


A Facebook video post shares a clip of the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps saying: “We know that double vaccinated, fully vaccinated people are much more likely to get and also carry the coronavirus”.

It follows this with another video showing a document with what appears to be a ‘plan’ of the Covid-19 variants that will appear in future. The video finishes with a man making many claims about the Covid-19 vaccines.

The video of Mr Shapps is genuine, but he misspoke in the clip. He meant to say double vaccinated people are “less” likely to catch coronavirus, instead of “more”.

When footage of public officials admitting that we are in a pandemic of the vaccinated isn’t going viral, the Lying Press is trying to invert the meaning of the data:

It may be confronting to hear there are more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people in hospital – but it’s actually a good thing.

XYZ News has also reported on evidence that the Victorian government is paying inept actors to lie in press conferences about the effects of Covid. This includes a “nurse” who claimed that just before people are put on life support they beg for the vaccine, and a young man who competed in “division 1 athletics” at a US college, who claimed to have suffered from “long covid”. Both stories are suspiciously similar to reports from the US, suggesting it is possible that they have been rehashed for a Victorian audience as Daniel Andrews attempts to justify mandating the vaccine for “authorised workers”.

Thus we have more evidence that the Global Covid Regime is openly lying to the public about the relative danger of Covid compared to the danger of Covid “vaccines”.

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