VACCINE MANDATE BACKFLIP: Victorian Shoppers will NOT require vaccination

Is it just me, or does Highpoint look like….oh never mind.

Daniel Andrews is a weak, pussywillow little sissy who backs down if he is seriously challenged on something. He likes to act all tough during his press conferences but when push comes to shove he turns to jelly.

He had claimed there would be no exemptions to the vaccine mandate for “authorised” workers but then provided exemptions for anybody involved with the judicial system because he needs them to run his dictatorship.

Now, after saying Victorians wouldn’t be allowed to buy shoes without a vaccine he has been overruled by his own Health Department:

Shoppers in Victoria will not need to be vaccinated to enter a retail store of any kind, and they won’t be asked either to prove their vaccination status.

This is a humiliation for Daniel Andrews. He looked so serious the other day whe he said we couldn’t buy shoes:


Clearly, a few retail groups must have had a quiet word with him. Or perhaps they had a loud word with him. Maybe even some slippery steps were mentioned.

Regardless, Daniel Andrews has backed down again. This is important given that today he tabled legislation in parliament which would practically allow him to become dictator for life.

What this indicates is that there are forces in this state over which Andrews does not have complete control. When he cannot impose his will he must back down. It can be done.

The message we can take from this is: Turn up the freaking volume.

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