Britain: Covid Hysteria Renewed to Push Vaccines on Kids

These racist, anti-immigrant billboards have started appearing throughout London. Counterterrorism police are desperately trying to find their source.

The thing about trying to reengineer society from the top down is that you can never let people relax for too long. They may get the notion that they are free to do what they want.

It’s not “Plan B”, it’s Phase 2. There was always going to be a Phase 2 after Phase 1 achieved its objective of mass vaccination. A cool down period over summer was then planned for, with the hysteria to be ramped up again as winter approached.

Cue Phase 2:

When vaccinations first began to be rolled out across the world, Britain was determined to prove a point.

The heavily populated island nation, renowned for its bad weather and gatherings at pubs, was perhaps unsurprisingly hit harder by Covid-19 than many other European nations when the virus first breached its borders.

Nobody knows why the English like to gather at pubs. It’s not as though it has a culture or indigenous population that could have spawned such a custom. A less problematic description of England should have read “The richly diverse island nation, renowned for is multiculturalism and welfare system.

It went on to record one of the continent’s worst death toll from the disease and its citizens endured month-upon-month of tough lockdown restrictions to keep the strain off hospitals.

The government, meanwhile, was found to have made one of the worst “public health failures ever experienced” as it tried to live with the virus with an ill thought plan for herd immunity which had to be rapidly ditched as cases and deaths soared.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to deal with Covid in a manner which allows freedom from the dictates of international institutions and multinational corporations. The result will be mass death.

However, with the arrival of vaccines late last year, Britain became the envy of a number of nations around the world.

It was the country that gave the world one of the most widely used and effective vaccines and came out of lockdown earlier than many as its jab rollout raced ahead of other European nations.

There was a feel-good factor in the air this summer as massive crowds flocked to Premier League games, pubs returned to full capacity and the restrictions that had plagued the nation for so long were consigned to history.

Yep, it was a great summer.

Flash forward to today and that feel-good factor is seriously on the wane as the nation heads towards an uncertain winter – with cases, deaths and hospitalisations soaring and calls for new restrictions.

So Cuck Island put itself at the mercy of international institutions and multinational corporations and the result has still been mass death.

Infection rates remain alarmingly high, contrasting sharply with its European neighbours and prompting fresh questions about what the nation should do next – as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter.

Overnight, the nation recorded its worst daily death total from the virus since the beginning of March – with a further 223 people succumbing to the disease in the past 24 hours.

For two weeks, the number of new cases has wavered between 35,000 and 40,000 a day, and on Monday nudged closer to 50,000 – the highest since the July peak of the “Delta” variant outbreak.

You know they’re setting us up for something.

Covid rates are soaring among largely unvaccinated secondary school children and infections spilling over into older, more vulnerable age groups who – even though they are largely vaccinated — are at risk from breakthrough infections of the disease.

We have to vaccinate the children to save grandma.

Overnight, that tone has shifted slightly. His government now says it is keeping a “very close eye” on increasing numbers of cases, and acknowledged there are signs that the number of hospital admissions and deaths are also rising.

Mr Johnson’s official spokesman said: “The most important message for the public to understand is the vital importance of the booster program and indeed for those children who are eligible to come forward and get our jab.”

They’re coming for the kids. They didn’t push the dangerous vaccines on children at the start of all this because they knew people would not have a bar of it. Many people who were wary of the vaccine could rationalise making the sacrifice on behalf of their children – prepared to take the risk themselves if it meant they could spare their kids – but all that did was normalise Covid vaccine uptake and create a juicy unvaccinated category of people whom they could point to when the numbers started to rise again.

Furthermore, the Lying Press is now spinning the narrative that the effectiveness of the vaccines wanes over time:

Also, scary new Delta strains are always just around he corner, and they’re coming here:

Covid is forever. Boosters are forever. And you will never save your children by simply submitting to the system yourself.

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