Why Einstein is a Fraud


It is claimed that the reason Germany didn’t develop the atomic bomb before the USA, despite having many of the world’s leading physicists of the time, was because Hitler didn’t want to fund any “Jew science”.

Einstein wasn’t the only scientist working on revolutionary “science” during the early 20th century, but his seminal work on general relativity and special relativity gave organised International Jewry a figurehead to counter German National Socialist propaganda about the personal nature and character of Jews as a group. Not only was Einstein a great mind, they claimed, but THE greatest mind EVAH!

Up until about 1900 the philosophy underpinning the hard sciences of physics, chemistry and astronomy was that there was a fundamental and simple explanation at the heart of reality. The most recent iteration of such a philosophy called ‘ontological mathematics’ is summed up by Astrophysicist Joseph Postma in his book ‘In the Cold Light of Day’:

“Mathematical precision could be considered the definition of reason, of that which is rational, because there is nothing more simply logical than that 1+1=1+1 where we can then denote 1+1 as equal to 2, to make it easier to write. This is actually TAUTOLOGICAL, Logic is precise, that’s the whole point of logic”.

He continues later in the chapter:

“Think of how strange it is that matter should follow mathematics. How could a clump of mass “know” to follow a trajectory which is entirely predicted by mathematical logical precision?”

The extension of such basic insights is that the simplicity of 1+1=2 and always equalling 2 everywhere in the universe, otherwise the universe as we know it simply couldn’t exist, is also that at the heart of reality, there must be an equally fundamental and simple foundation to allow for this existence.

So up until the end of the 19th century progress in science was motivated by a faith that the way forward was to simplify and reduce complexity in order to find the source of existence itself.

This faith was part of a broader faith that began a few hundred years earlier and the invention of the printing press. This allowed ordinary people to read the Bible themselves and find out just how corrupt many men in the Church were and how what they were being told from the pulpit or in the Confession booth didn’t match up with what Jesus had said. If God’s message to mankind was simple and accessible to all, shouldn’t science, ultimately be too?

The 20th century saw a change in such philosophy. Science is complex. Science is done by “experts”. Science is something ordinary people should trust to others. It is not accessible to the masses. Much like mass was not meant to be understood by the masses because the masses should do what they are told. Services given in Latin to people who don’t understand it, allow Priests to tell the truth without actually enlightening anyone in their congregation, whilst instruction of what a person must do to enter heaven can be given in the person’s native tongue and contain whatever lies the Priest cares to utter “for the greater good”. Likewise, mathematics that is so complex that hardly anyone can dispute it serves the same purpose. Even if a person does dispute it, how can any ordinary person adjudicate the validity or otherwise of the dispute?

Quite simply, changing the philosophy of science from one of fundamental simplicity to one of fundamental complexity is more than just a matter of challenges encountered when observations didn’t meet expectations. Science is about funding. It is about power. It is about control.

Einstein’s theories should have been thrown out the moment they were first published. “Jew science”, just like Jew finance is based around confounding people with sophistry and complexity to obscure the fundamental absurdity at their root. This in turn, stems from the contradictory nature of their religious foundations where truth is subjective.

We live in a world where money is printed out of thin air and then loaned at interest.

Interest that can only be paid by borrowing more fake money. In science students use complex calculations to “prove” that space (the absence of matter) can be combined with time (a process) to create an object which can be curved. What does a curved absence of matter look like? What does a curved process look like? When was the last time you physically saw Time? What was its shape? Was is square? A circle? A rhomboid? Don’t you think it strange that whenever a celebrity scientist tries to explain this supposed fourth dimensional aspect of reality acting with a three dimensional planet, they get a two dimensional piece of cloth to demonstrate it with? “Look the bowling ball pushes down on the cloth!” Yup a two dimensional piece of cloth perfectly represents a fourth dimensional object made up of the absence of matter and the process of time. Once you have the population believing the absurd to be “profound” and contradictions to be “paradoxes” then you can expand “science” so that cats are both alive and dead until you open the box to look at them, cold atmospheres can send heat to a warmer surface and cause “global warming” and that viruses can be isolated and shown to be the cause of disease by putting snot into a toxic soup of monkey cells and detergent. Don’t question it. You are too stupid to understand the complexity of this. It takes years of indoctrination, er sorry, I mean education, to understand this stuff!

Hitler, however, didn’t fund the atom bomb. Einstein wasn’t the person to first split the atom, nor even the first to suggest that it could be split and release large amounts of energy. E=mc2 doesn’t actually require “spacetime” to exist and E=mv2 (where the speed of light as a constant is replaced as as variable) is still asserted by many physicists. Still the propaganda about Hitler’s folly in not trusting “Jew science” remains. It is not that Einstein wasn’t clever, nor am I suggesting he was part of the Global conspiracy we are currently suffering under. It’s more of a case that he was a useful tool of propaganda for International Jewry and the clique of scientists (both Jewish and non Jewish) that were inspired by fantastical ideas about the nature of reality, perfectly complimented a class of elite, power hungry billionaires for whom reality could be whatever they decided it was going to be. The best way to achieve Orwell’s vision of 1984 where people could be made to believe that 2+2=5 is simply to have scientists write a 10 page peer reviewed study full of integrated calculus and field equations questioning the very nature of the numbers themselves. Throw in a multi-billion dollar project here and there to detect two fictitious “infinities” (black holes) colliding with each other to produce an equally infinitely small ripple in “spacetime” and claim that your computer has cancelled out the interference of the fart of a ant on the other side world, and most people will be suitably impressed by how amazing “science” is, to believe you.

Thankfully there are still plenty of scientists, doing what scientists were originally supposed to do, refuting bad ideas. Plasma physicists are discovering scalable electrical phenomena that better fit observations of stars. Dust in space is being observed with better equipment that negates the need for “dark matter” and “dark energy”. Red shift and blue shift are being disputed. Global warming is now nothing but a joke amongst any scientist who has bothered to actually look into it and virology is now getting extreme scrutiny as governments try and use “the science” to imprison us in our homes and force medicate us.

The pushback is 100 years overdue, but it’s happening. Science is not complex. Its fundamentals are 1+1=2. It can be understood by all and should be accessible to all. The same is true of God. Truth is not subjective. Neither is reality. Good science of the enlightenment was backed by a solid religious foundation of the Bible. We turned away from God and embraced the subjective philosophy of the Talmud. Science follows religion.

We gave up ours and created a vacuum into which false doctrines filled the void. The subtitle for Joseph Postma’s book is “Flat Earth in Modern Physics and a Numerical Proof for God: A Climate Alarm Story”.

Science and God are 1+1=2. They are tautological. They are logical. They do not contain paradoxes. Only human error.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.